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Pipl Saves Hundreds of Working Hours By Upgrading Their Workplace Training

Pipl uses their proprietary identity resolution engine to provide companies with easy access to contact, social, demographic, and professional information. When Pipl sought out a new workplace training solution, EasyLlama solved their concerns of staying up-to-date with evolving legislation and saving time, money, and effort during the onboarding and training process.

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Saving 100+ Working Hours with EasyLlama


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The challenge

The challenge

Prior to partnering with EasyLlama for workplace training, Pipl implemented their own DIY solution to keep employees in compliance. “For the most part, when you're starting out, you likely don't have a compliance expert on your team,” explained Anne Gleaton, Pipl’s Director of HR and Talent. In the beginning, she would meet with new employees for remote training that often lasted upwards of two hours. However, the company was undergoing rapid growth, leading to an influx of new hires. While their company growth was exciting, it posed a significant challenge.


The Solution

Seeking a solution that offered greater flexibility, state-specific courses, and a user-friendly interface, Pipl decided to explore EasyLlama's offerings. Pipl selected EasyLlama over other options due to several key factors. “We decided on EasyLlama because the price was right and because there was so much flexibility with the licenses,” explained Gleaton. EasyLlama's continuously expanding course library, including courses tailored to specific states, addressed Pipl's compliance requirements effectively, saving substantial time and effort.

The Solution

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I Got So Many Compliments; The Employees Loved It

EasyLlama helps us save a lot of time when you have a more specific narrow focus into each requirement. When you think about training 100 people, for instance, taking a one-hour location-specific EasyLlama course versus our old, broader training that lasted two hours, you've just saved 100 working hours. The reviews I got after our initial launch were great — I got so many compliments, and the employees loved it.

-Anne Gleaton, Director of HR and Talent


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