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IT & Cybersecurity Excellence

Lead the charge in protecting sensitive data and fortifying your organization's digital resilience. EasyLlama empowers you with state-of-the-art cybersecurity training, equipping your team to effectively combat the ever-evolving digital threats.

Elevate IT & Cybersecurity

We seamlessly integrate into your existing tech stack. Quickly integrate your company’s favorite Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), LMS (Learning Management System), or Payroll system. No code required.

Features & Integrations To Save You Time

Payroll & HRIS Integrations

Avoid manual data entry and seamlessly import employees and contractors from your payroll system into EasyLlama. It syncs on a daily basis so data is always up to date when someone is hired, changes departments, or moves to another location.


API Management

Add and assign trainings to learners and sync the results to Zapier, Rest API and Vanta. Ensure compliance with corporate policies and external regulations around data privacy through API Management.


Forget the hassle of password retrieval.

Users with Google or Microsoft, SAML 2.0 accounts can utilize single sign-on (SSO) to access the suite of courses available on EasyLlama.

LMS Integrations

Each of our compliance training courses was designed in accordance to Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards. This makes it simple to provide EasyLlama content online using the Learning Management System (LMS) to your organization’s choice.


Training for Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Empower your workforce with a suite of Data Privacy & Cybersecurity courses. Our interactive training covers essential topics like HIPAA, PCI DSS, CPRA, GDPR, and more. Real-life industry-specific scenarios and frequent knowledge checks ensure that data privacy and security practices remain top-of-mind for employees at all times.

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Why Leading Companies Use EasyLlama

"Very Easy To Implement"

They aligned with our mission immediately. We just jumped into the Enterprise platform of EasyLlama and we have unlimited access to all of the trainings. The fact that we're able to have engagement and folks actually react and give us positive feedback tells me that there is something to learn and that is worthwhile for folks.

"A Subscription To Fit Our Unique Needs"

The EasyLlama team tailored a unique subscription to fit our unique needs. EasyLlama is loyal to its customers & everyone that works there has such a great "can do," cheerful, funny personality. The training material is up to date, aesthetically pleasing, packed with info, & is well received by our company. I love that EL added more compliance training material.

"Very Helpful And Quick To Respond"

Fortera is very happy with the integration between our new Payroll/HRIS (Paylocity) and EasyLlama. It was very easy to set up and has been working seamlessly ever since. I have also found that when I have questions, Easy Llama support has been very helpful and quick to respond. Unfortunately, I can’t say this about most of the vendors I work with these days.

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