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About EasyLlama

EasyLlama provides your organization with innovative workplace training — and so much more. EasyLlama’s solutions empower your team with the tools necessary to build a safer and more inclusive workplace.

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Founded with a mission

EasyLlama was founded in 2019 in light of the critical workplace issues that surfaced during the #MeToo movement. From inception, EasyLlama’s mission has been to help equip companies with tools that promote a safe, inclusive, and equitable work environment for all.

Helping over 8,000+ organizations create a safer, more inclusive company culture.

Fun Fact

Why its called EasyLlama?

Co-founded by brothers Samuel and Michael Devyver, the goal of the EasyLlama brand is to help learners feel comfortable and at ease with the gravity of the topics we teach. We sought to create a mascot that would be a friendly guide through tough topics, thought-provoking questions, and sometimes somber materials. From these objectives, our Llama emerged — a smart and gentle animal known for building great relationships with humans. Llamas are natural protectors, teachers, and guides which make them the perfect mentor to accompany learners through our training modules.

Everyday create your history

The growth story of EasyLlama

I was born right in the middle of the #MeToo Era, out of the need to build safer workplaces. I believe nobody deserves to be a victim of harassment or discrimination, especially in their place of work.


All the kids on the block noticed I was different. I paved my own path, making workplace training better, brighter, and more engaging. Really quickly, I managed to help a lot of people, including my friends at Shake Shack, Canva, Goodwill, State Farm, GLAAD ... and many more.


I never rest on my laurels. Yes, I'm becoming quite popular, but I always remain humble. Along with my content team, we develop new ways to evolve our courses. My dreams? Continue to innovate and invite more friends into the EasyLlama herd!

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Are you looking for a creative, collaborative, and clever team to grow with? EasyLlama is the place for you!

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Core Values

Ignite Customer Delight

We are dedicated to creating remarkable experiences that resonate with our customers, leaving them not only satisfied, but delighted. Beginning with the very first interaction and throughout our ongoing support, we focus on understanding each customer’s unique needs and surpassing their expectations every step of the way.

Our solutions are always engaging, never boring.
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