Voted Best Sexual Harassment Training Solution in 2022 by The Balance SMB

About EasyLlama

We are on a mission to empower people-centered organizations to create a safe and positive workplace.

Who We Are

We are a fast-growing technology company founded in 2019. We have developed convenient, mobile-friendly, and easy to use training courses designed to meet the training needs of today’s businesses at a very affordable price. Available in more than 100 languages, our popular sexual harassment training course exceeds the standards set by states that mandate this training, and helps organizations build a positive, employee-first business culture. Other courses include the new Diversity, Sensitivity and Inclusion training, HIPAA training, COVID-19 Safety training, Leadership training, Cybersecurity training, and many more to come.

Who are we?
Our mission Our mission

Our Values

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering a compliance training solution in a format that speaks to all generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, and to every type of worker, whether working in the field or in an office setting. Our training modules encourage user participation, and are built around the needs of your organization, including real life examples that make ideas stick and generate real change in the workplace.

Why is it called EasyLlama?

EasyLlama has two elements: first, it's all about being easy. We wanted to make it easy for HR administrators to select and deliver trainings to learners. We are also dedicated to making it easy for learners to take trainings via short and accessible modules.
Secondly, the Llama is our mascot. The llama is a smart and gentle animal. Llamas are known for having great relationships with humans and being easy to work with—just like the folks who use EasyLlama!