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Code of Conduct Training Course
EasyLlama’s Code of Conduct course helps to instill a sense of professionalism in each and every employee, and as a result, boosts companies’ efficiency and reputation as a whole.
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  • 40 minutes to complete
    40 minutes to complete
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    Available in over 100 languages
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Help Protect Your Organization with Code of Conduct Training
With EasyLlama’s course, learners will explore real-life scenarios to gain a better understanding of what it means to be ethical and how to navigate ethical dilemmas at work. Additionally, they will learn about common policies that go into a code of conduct, the components of a well-written policy, and the consequences of violating one.
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Employees Will Learn:

  • The definition of ethics and code of conduct

  • The relevance and impact of a good

  • Standard behaviors and characteristics of ethical professionals

  • Steps for evaluating conduct compliance, reporting violations, and recognizing consequences

What’s included
The Most Comprehensive Code of Conduct Training
With EasyLlama training, your employees will discover how to be more aware of discrimination, bias in the workplace, and reap the [benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce]( Here are some of the topics covered in our course:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What are Ethics?
Chapter 3: Ethics in the Workplace
Chapter 4: Ethical Gray Areas
Chapter 5: Code of Conduct
Chapter 6: Common Code of Conduct Policies
Chapter 7: Reporting Violations
Chapter 8: Consequences
Chapter 9: What Have We Learned?
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Promote an honest work environment with code of conduct training

A code of conduct helps create an environment where everyone can focus on their roles and responsibilities while supporting each other to be successful. It provides a universal guide to expected employee behavior in and outside the workplace, ensures compliance with federal and state laws, reduces risk, and provides a public statement of your company’s values and principles.

Promote an honest work environment with code of conduct training
Your company’s code of conduct is more than a set of rules, it supports your mission, values, and culture. HR and management experts are all too aware of conduct that may compromise your company's mission and goals. They are also aware of conduct that leads to fostering corporate growth and that’s where conduct training comes in! Plus, in the US, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 made it a legal requirement that all publicly traded companies have a code of conduct for senior officers.

HR Training shouldn't be complicated

Customization for all of your company needs - show your brand, industry, and even your company colors.

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Build a more tolerant and inclusive work atmosphere

EasyLlama transforms traditional ethics and compliance training by providing an engaging, interactive code of conduct training solution. Our course breaks down complicated issues into easily consumable chunks, engaging employees in a fun and informative way that makes learning easy.
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The Most Engaging Online Code of Conduct Course

Code of conduct rules are no longer just for the workplace. They apply to every aspect of our lives and help build a better, safer world for all. To help companies and individuals understand their role in the process, EasyLlama offers a cutting-edge training platform that makes it fun to learn, easy to retain, and engaging to apply.
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