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HIPAA Training Course
Help employees understand the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) that an organization has access to. Our streamlined training course allows companies to become HIPAA compliant as quickly and easily as possible.
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Course Preview

  • 50 minutes to complete
    50 minutes to complete
  • Available in over 100 languages
    Available in over 100 languages
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    Mobile and tablet friendly
Stay Up To Date On Patient Health Information Procedures With Annual HIPAA Compliance Training
This course assists employees in understanding what HIPAA is, how it affects the business, and important changes in policies, procedures, and practices in the management of PHI to protect sensitive patient information and reduce your organization’s risk of fines.
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Employees Will Learn:

  • A thorough breakdown of Protected Health Information (PHI)

  • How HIPAA applies to Covered Entities and Business Associates

  • Rights granted to individuals according to HIPAA

  • The difference between the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notification Rule

What’s included
The Most Comprehensive HIPAA Training Solution
EasyLlama’s online training course helps prepare employees to navigate HIPAA. This course provides an in-depth examination of how to respond to a breach of confidential data and the best way to protect your patients. The course covers:
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview of HIPAA
Chapter 2: The Privacy Rule
Chapter 3: Minimum Necessary Requirements
Chapter 4: How and When to Use PHI
Chapter 5: Individual Rights
Chapter 6: Business Associate Agreement
Chapter 7: The Security Rule
Chapter 8: The Enforcement Rule
Chapter 9: The Breach Notification Rule
Chapter 10: HIPAA Timeline and Updates
Chapter 11: What Have We Learned?
Chapter 12: Conclusion
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Effective HIPAA Compliance Training To Avoid Fines

If an organization handles protected health information, employees need HIPAA compliance training. EasyLlama’s HIPAA compliance training teaches learners in the field of healthcare the safeguards that must be in place to ensure they do not disclose sensitive information that violates HIPAA. The course outlines the significance of protecting the privacy and security of patient information as well as the hefty fines and penalties, loss of client and patient trust, and reputational harm that can result from violations.

Effective HIPAA Compliance Training To Avoid Fines
Whether you’re an employer at a community clinic, a hospital, or a private practice, you are accountable for making sure your team is HIPAA compliant. Compliance training is mandatory and must be completed by each new member of a covered entity’s workforce within a reasonable amount of time. Employers are expected to ensure that new employees are compliant as soon as possible.

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Stay Up To Date On PHI Procedures With Annual HIPAA Compliance Training

Periodic HIPAA training is required under the Security Rule. Covered entities often meet this requirement by providing their employees with annual HIPAA compliance training. By offering annual training to their employees, employers ensure that they are up-to-date and compliant with HIPAA regulations.
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The Most Thorough Online HIPAA Course

Our HIPAA training is easy to understand, engaging, and useful. It’s the most modern solution for your workforce compliance program, providing clear information about what is required and why it matters. We make it fun for employees to learn so that they will continue to apply what they’ve learned in their everyday work environment.
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