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Learning JOurneys
Ongoing Employee Education

A unique method to assign a sequence of topic-specific courses improving knowledge retention and employee engagement.

What Are Learning Journeys?

Seamlessly blend topic-specific courses into a guided journey, empowering employees with continuous education over weeks or months. Elevate knowledge retention and foster unwavering employee engagement.


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Learning Journey Library

EasyLlama`s Leadership, Code of Conduct, and Wage and Hour course can continue to educate your employees on the various types of discriminatory behaviors in workplace.

Mental Health and Well-Being

5 courses

Mental Health and Well-Being

This holistic Learning Journey equips individuals with the essential tools and insights to foster self-awareness, resilience, emotional intelligence, and well-being. Navigate through strategies for personal growth, stress management, and fostering a balanced life.

Courses Included

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mental Health: Supporting Colleagues
  • Developing Mental Health Coping Strategies
  • Positive Psychology
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
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Streamline Workflows

Tailor-Made Learning Journey Features

Build your own Learning Journey with a custom title, description, and even the option to upload your own photo header.

Build Your Own

Organizations can construct their own Learning Journeys using both full-length courses and Llama Bite mini-courses from EasyLlama’s extensive library. Include your own custom title, description, and even the option to upload your own photo header.

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Choose From Our Own Library

Employers can assign pre-built Learning Journeys with topics like diversity & inclusion, ethical practices, cybersecurity, workplace culture, and more. Pre-built Learning Journeys are set to recur once per month, but you can customize the time between courses if you choose.

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