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Unconscious Bias Training Course

Learning about unconscious bias can help employees become more aware of their own thoughts and beliefs — a first step toward making better decisions and helping to foster an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

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Foster an Inclusive Workplace with Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious bias training teaches employees to identify, understand, and manage unconscious biases that can hamper decision-making and undermine diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace.

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Unconscious Bias

Harassment & Discrimination

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Foster an Inclusive Workplace with Unconscious Bias Training

What Employees Will Learn

Your employees will gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience to support the strategic goals of your organization.


How to compare and contrast the unconscious and conscious mind


The definition of stereotypes, bias, and prejudice


The various types of unconscious biases that can impact an organization


Strategies for reducing bias in the workplace

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The Most Comprehensive Unconscious Bias Training Solution

EasyLlama’s online training course helps prepare employees to navigate unconscious biases. The course covers different types of bias and shows how biases can hinder inclusivity in the workplace and lead to harmful microaggressive behaviors. The course covers:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Chapter 2: The Unconscious Mind

Chapter 3: Stereotypes, Bias, and Prejudice

Chapter 4: Unconscious Bias Defined

Chapter 5: Types of Unconscious Bias

Chapter 6: Microaggressions

Chapter 7: Reducing Bias in the Workplace

Chapter 8: Conclusion


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Why Unconscious Bias Matters In The Workplace

When left unaddressed, unconscious bias may have a substantial impact on the workplace. If different types of bias, stereotypes, and prejudice permeates throughout the organization, it can hinder inclusivity in the workplace and lead to harmful microaggressive behaviors. Companies that address their unconscious biases head-on can enjoy more a successful recruiting process, growth in employee morale, and better overall retention.

Benefits of unconscious bias training in the Workplace

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, training can help raise the awareness of unconscias bias in the workplace. Learners develop a stronger grasp on how attitudes and behaviors made outside of their conscious awareness can make an impact on others.


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Grow a Positive Company Culture And A Welcoming Workplace With EasyLlama’s Diversity & Inclusion Training Course!


The most engaging online Unconscious Bias training

EasyLlama's Unconscious Bias course discusses several types of bias, stereotypes, and prejudices, as well as how biases can restrict workplace inclusion and lead to unintended microaggressive behaviors. This online training guides employees to become more aware of their own unconscious biases in order to reduce the likelihood of prejudice influencing workplace decisions.

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The most thorough online Unconscious Bias Course

Advanced teaching techniques utilized by EasyLlama include interactive knowledge checkpoints and realistic live-action videos that boost employee engagement while promoting a deeper understanding of various unconscious bias concepts. Terms such as stereotypes, prejudice, and various forms of bias are thoroughly explored to facilitate employee understanding.


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