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You understand the importance of employee education and its role in driving engagement and knowledge retention. However, traditional training methods often fall short in meeting the needs of a modern workforce. That's where microlearning comes in.

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Education Throughout The Year
In Small Bites

Compliance training is typically held once or twice a year depending on employment and location. However, harassment and discrimination do not follow a training schedule and can occur at any moment. EasyLlama’s mini-courses, known as Llama Bites, allow employees to refine their knowledge throughout the year, contributing to a positive culture that encourages professional and personal growth.

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What Are

Llama Bites are 5 to 10-minute explorations on various topics for fostering positive workplace culture through continuing education. These mini-courses allow employees to refresh their knowledge and practice previously acquired abilities. Offering these bite-sized courses is a step in prioritizing a healthy work environment that encourages employees’ desire to grow and develop in the workplace.

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Mini-Courses to Reinforce
Employee Education
Throughout the Year

Mini-courses enhance communication and collaboration by broadening learners' understanding of the world and people around them. They cover essential skills and behaviors, from emotional intelligence to data privacy practices, for a better workplace. Offering ongoing education also signals a commitment to a positive work culture. Llama Bites support employee growth and education to cultivate an inclusive workforce.

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Strengthen Compliance Training
With Mini-Courses

Llama Bites strengthens compliance training with mini-courses. Each 10 minute mini-course expands on concepts covered in our award-winning harassment prevention program, providing employees with additional skills and knowledge to prevent workplace harassment.

We also offer stand-alone mini-courses on various topics such as invisible disabilities and mental health in the workplace, catering to individuals seeking additional educational opportunities and a more engaging way of learning.


Workspace Training
for the Modern Generation

EasyLlama is bringing its award-winning formula and integrating it into the new bite-sized format. Each mini-course is only 5-10 minutes long and is packed with engaging knowledge checks that reinforce learning, making it the ideal setting for learning new skills or refining existing ones. Videos feature real-life examples on recognizable social media platforms to boost relatability and maximize information retention.


Continue Employee Education
With EasyLlama

Embrace employee growth and foster a positive work culture by offering Llama Bites! These mini-courses allow employees to refresh their knowledge and practice previously gained abilities. With EasyLlama, you can be sure your employees have the tools they need to stay up-to-date on the latest information and skills needed to create a supportive, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

By breaking down complex topics into digestible segments, Llama Bites help employees easily understand the material and apply it in their day-to-day work.