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Workplace Violence Training for Healthcare

Workplace violence is alarming, especially within healthcare settings, where its consequences can be particularly severe. Training healthcare employees to recognize and report the warning signs of workplace violence is crucial for protecting their safety and the safety of patients.

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The Importance of Workplace Violence Training in Safeguarding Healthcare Environments

Workplace violence is more common in healthcare than any other industry. When the unthinkable happens, knowing how to quickly and safely respond is essential. This specialized training equips healthcare workers with the skills needed to prevent workplace violence, including reporting, intervention, and de-escalation techniques.

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Workplace Violence

Active Shooter Response

Human Trafficking

The Importance of Workplace Violence  Training in Safeguarding Healthcare Environments

What Employees Will Learn

Your employees will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience to support the strategic goals of your organization.


The definition of workplace violence in healthcare


How to recognize warning signs of workplace violence


How reporting can help safeguard employees


How to respond appropriately to workplace violence in healthcare

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The Most Comprehensive Violence Prevention Training Solution for Healthcare

EasyLlama’s online training course assists healthcare employees in navigating workplace violence prevention best practices. This comprehensive course addresses effective strategies for preventing workplace violence, including reporting procedures and de-escalation techniques tailored specifically for healthcare environments.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Workplace Violence

Chapter 2: Defining Workplace Violence

Chapter 3: Risk Factors and Signs of Workplace Violence

Chapter 4: Responding to Workplace Violence

Chapter 5: Preventing Workplace Violence

Chapter 6: What Have We Learned?


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Why Workplace Violence Prevention matters in Healthcare

Healthcare employees are five times as likely to experience workplace violence as workers in other industries. Given these alarming statistics, preparing the healthcare workforce is essential for minimizing the risk of violence in healthcare organizations and protecting employees, patients, and visitors.

Understanding the Importance of Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare

Preparation plays a crucial role in enabling healthcare employees to effectively respond to workplace violence. Employees who are trained to identify warning signs of such incidents can contribute significantly to preventing violence by reporting and intervening as bystanders. Comprehensive training is also essential for healthcare professionals to navigate the distinct risks and complexities inherent in medical settings when responding to instances of workplace violence.


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Ensure the safety of your healthcare organization with EasyLlama’s Workplace Violence course!


Protecting Healthcare Organizations from the Effect of Workplace Violence

Workplace violence training is essential for healthcare organizations as it helps reduce the impact of violence on employees, patients, and the organization as a whole. A single workplace violence incident can have devastating consequences, both physically and psychologically, for healthcare workers and those they care for. By prioritizing workplace violence prevention training, healthcare organizations can create a safer and more secure environment for all.

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Evidence-Based online Workplace Violence Course for Healthcare Workers

EasyLlama's comprehensive, evidence-based online Workplace Violence Prevention course for Healthcare provides specialized training to address the unique challenges of workplace violence in healthcare settings. The course equips healthcare employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and respond to workplace violence incidents effectively, ensuring the safety and well-being of both employees and patients.


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