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Active Shooter Response Training Course

Workplace violence is becoming more prevalent, and the threat of active shooters presents a daunting challenge for employers. EasyLlama’s Active Shooter Response course explores the appropriate methods of responding to an active shooter situation and is aligned with the Department of Homeland Security recommendations.

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Promote a Safe Workplace with Active Shooter Response Training

With awareness and preparation, companies can help keep their workplaces safe and reduce the potential for injuries or loss of life in the event of an active shooter situation.

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Active Shooter Response

Bloodborne Pathogens

Workplace Violence

Promote a Safe Workplace with Active Shooter Response Training

What Employees Will Learn

Your employees will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience to support the strategic goals of your organization.


Common traits of active shooters


Strategies for staying calm during crisis situations


Best practices for responding to active shooter situations


What to expect and do when law enforcement arrives on the scene of an active shooter situation

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The Most Comprehensive online Active shooter response Training

EasyLlama’s online training course educates all employees with the skills necessary to keep themselves and their coworkers safe in the case of an active shooter scenario. This course will dive into the actions to take in a crisis situation, what to do when help arrives, and more. The course covers:

Chapter 1: Active Shooter Response Introduction

Chapter 2: What is an Active Shooter Situation?

Chapter 3: Responding in Active Shooter Situations- Run

Chapter 4: Responding in Active Shooter Situations- Hide

Chapter 5: Responding in Active Shooter Situations- Fight

Chapter 6: When Help Arrives

Chapter 7: Active Shooter Preparedness

Chapter 8: Conclusion to Active Shooter Response Training


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Why Active Shooter Response training Matters In The Workplace

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests that all personnel undergo regular active shooter training to ensure the retention of life-saving information. EasyLlama’s Active Shooter training helps employees spot warning signs of violence in the workplace to mitigate potential danger before it occurs, maximizing everyone’s safety. By educating staff on how to react in an active shooter situation, organizations can rest assured that they’re creating a safer workplace in which employees can feel secure.

Elevate your organization’s preparedness with active shooter response training

All employees should be aware of the warning signs of impending violence and their responsibilities in active shooter events to maximize their safety. One of the proactive measures organizations may take to provide workers and managers with the skills they need to manage crisis situations is active shooter training. Organizations can contribute to a safer workplace by educating their teams with a robust active shooter response training course.


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educate employees on emergency preparedness with EasyLlama’s Active Shooter response course!


Prevention Is The Best Defense Against A Workplace Incident

Active shooter training is an essential part of maintaining an effective workplace violence policy. EasyLlama’s active shooter response training provides useful information on risk assessment, creating an emergency response plan, communicating with employees, and responding to threats while they are occurring. The course has been developed by experts and uses engaging scenarios to help you understand how to apply the concepts and principles of workplace violence prevention practices in real-life situations.

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The most thorough online Active shooter response Course

EasyLlama takes a proactive approach to active shooter response training by equipping employees with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond effectively in critical moments. Employees learn how to recognize the potential for an active shooter situation before it happens and which steps to take if one does.


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