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Upload Your Own Courses with EasyLlama's LMS

Upload your SCORM and xAPI files to EasyLlama’s learning management system (LMS), plus access all of our top-quality features like real-time reporting, automatic reminders, and bulk employee upload. Consolidate all of your L&D initiatives into our accessible platform.

  • One-stop shop

    An All-In-One Learning Experience

    Streamline your employee training by consolidating your technology tools into a user-friendly platform. By uploading your company-specific courses to our LMS as an add-on to your subscription, you not only streamline the process but also enhance productivity.

  • Streamline Workflows

    Effortless LMS Automation

    Eliminate the hassle of manual training tasks. With our LMS, you can effortlessly deliver the right courses at the perfect times. Upload employee lists or integrate with your HRIS, and EasyLlama will handle everything else, from course assignments and reminders to progress tracking.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Additional LMS Insights

    EasyLlama LMS users gain access to additional learner insights including employee satisfaction, participation rate, course status, and more, all with the ability to filter reports. Go beyond our existing dashboard with real-time reporting and data insights!


Launch Your Training Program in Minutes

From Our Catalog

Kickstart your training program with our comprehensive course suites which encompass everything from anti-harassment training across all 50 states to health and safety-specific courses, such as bloodborne pathogens training.

Upload Your
Custom Courses

For a personalized learning and development program, easily upload your own SCORM files.

Effortless Workforce Management

Easily assign courses to new hires, organize teams by role or location, and schedule automatic reminders, all in one place. Ensure your workforce stays on track with ease.

  • Learning Flexibility

    Our mobile and tablet-friendly courses enable employees to learn at their convenience, wherever they are.

  • Enhanced Engagement

    Boost engagement in your training program by assessing employees with built-in quizzes, promoting active participation.

  • Certification Management

    Certifications are automatically issued to employees upon completion and securely stored with EasyLlama for compliance tracking and record-keeping.

  • Real-Time
    Reporting Dashboard

    Accessing data for company courses on our LMS Dashboard is both effortless and seamless. Instantly gain insights into KPIs, enjoying the convenience of actionable, precise data.

  • Seamless HRIS

    Integrate seamlessly with your HRIS, ensuring up-to-date employee data for onboarding, shifts, and relocations. Centralize processes and notify employees about course assignments through daily data sync. No HRIS? Easily bulk-upload your employee list with a click!

  • Custom Courses
    with Custom Frequency

    Craft custom LMS training schedules that align perfectly with your unique requirements and coordinate notifications to match. With EasyLlama, you're in control, giving you the flexibility to optimize training frequency and notifications according to your preferences.


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