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Clery Act Training Course

This course addresses the Clery Act, which requires institutes of higher learning to disclose annual crime statistics, issue timely warnings about threats to the campus community, and maintain a public crime log. The training equips designated Campus Security Authorities with an understanding of the reporting requirements related to the Clery Act.

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Empower Your Campus Security Authorities to Report Safety Concerns with Clery Act Training

Participants in the Clery Act course will gain knowledge about reporting obligations, the types of crimes falling under the Act's jurisdiction, and how to identify real-life scenarios necessitating reporting. The Clery Act applies to any colleges and universities participating in federal student aid programs.

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Empower Your Campus Security Authorities to Report Safety Concerns with Clery Act Training

What Employees Will Learn

This course covers:


How to identify the key provisions and requirements of the Clery Act that pertain to Campus Security Authorities.


How to execute the reporting obligations of Campus Security Authorities


How to recognize and report real-life scenarios that require reporting under the Clery Act.


How to receive disclosures of Clery Act crimes with compassion

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The Most Comprehensive Clery Act Training Solution

Clery Act training is essential to equip Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their reporting obligations, ensuring campus compliance and promoting student safety. This course covers:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Clery Act Training

Chapter 2: The Clery Act

Chapter 3: Reporting Obligations

Chapter 4: Receiving and Documenting Reports

Chapter 5: Confidentiality

Chapter 6: What Have We Learned?


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Why The Clery Act Matters On College Campuses

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, commonly known as the Clery Act, serves as a vital framework to enhance campus safety and provide students and their families with accurate information about crime rates. This course equips Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill their reporting obligations under the Clery Act. By understanding the key provisions and requirements, CSAs will be able to compassionately receive disclosures of Clery Act crimes, properly document and report them, and ensure campus compliance.

Understanding the Clery Act: What are CSAs?

Campus Security Authorities, or CSAs, are individuals on college campuses responsible for receiving and reporting Clery Act crimes. These employees must be able to identify Clery Act crimes and promptly and responsibly report them in order to ensure campus compliance with the Clery Act. EasyLlama’s course teaches learners how to compassionately receive disclosures of Clery Act crimes, document and report them properly, and anonymize them if necessary.


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Enhance your Campus Safety and Compliance with the Clery Act by Enrolling in EasyLlama's Comprehensive Training Course


Enforcing the Clery Act on Campus and Remaining in Compliance with the Law

Training Campus Security Authorities on how to recognize and report Clery Act crimes helps keep campuses safer and keeps them in compliance with the law. In addition, training CSAs in compassionate reporting practices can help make it more likely that students feel safe disclosing Clery Act crimes to CSAs, potentially increasing reporting rates.

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The Most Thorough Online Clery Act Course

Explore EasyLlama's comprehensive online Clery Act course, offering in-depth knowledge and practical insights. This course provides a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the Clery Act, empowering designated Campus Security Authorities with the necessary tools to navigate its campus safety policies and reporting requirements.


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