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Drugs and Alcohol Awareness on Campus Course
This course has two different version, Students and Faculty & Staff, that navigates through what matters when it comes to substance use and misuse: the impacts of substance misuse, how to identify and intervene in it, and how to recognize and get help for substance-related medical emergencies.
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Help Protect Campus through Training on Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
This course is available in three different editions for different target audiences: Students and General Faculty & Staff. By providing a more in-depth understanding of substance use and misuse, this course empowers people to create a culture of support and empathy, ultimately leading to a safer and more productive campus for all.
Drugs & Alcohol Awareness on Campus
Title IX
Active Shooter Response


Employees Will Learn:

  • The proper definition of “substance misuse”

  • The risks associated with drugs and alcohol on campus

  • How to identify red flags for substance misuse

  • The laws surrounding substance use on campus and in the workplace.

What’s included
The Most Comprehensive Drugs and Alcohol Awareness on Campus Training Solution
EasyLlama’s online training course provides a more in-depth understanding of substance use and misuse on campus. Explore how to identify signs of substance misuse in themselves, their colleagues, and their students and address these issues in a supportive and non-judgmental manner. The course covers:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol Awareness on Campus Training
Chapter 2: Substance Use and Misuse
Chapter 3: Substance Use Disorder
Chapter 4: Laws Governing Substance Use on Campus
Chapter 5: Substance Use and Discrimination
Chapter 6: Identifying Substance Misuse
Chapter 7: Treatments for Substance Use Disorder
Chapter 8: Conclusion
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Two Versions of Training: for Faculty and Staff

Drugs and alcohol awareness is crucial on college campuses as substance abuse can significantly impact student health, academic performance, and campus safety. Students who engage in drug and alcohol abuse are at a higher risk of experiencing mental health issues, addiction, and physical harm. Such behavior can also lead to violence, crime, and other safety concerns that can negatively affect the entire campus community. By promoting awareness and education about drugs and alcohol, campus administrators and staff can help prevent these negative outcomes and support students in making healthy and responsible choices.

Two Versions of Training: for Faculty and Staff
SAMHSA's 2021 NSDUH showed that around 14% of the US population had a substance use disorder, highlighting the impact of substance use. Substance use can also affect the campus workplace, with stigma hindering employees from seeking help. This course addresses legal responsibilities, employment protections, and substance use disorder treatments, without using cliches or moral judgments. Postsecondary institutions have unique needs and laws regarding substance use, making this training crucial for faculty and staff members.

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Two Versions of Training: for Students

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that many college students engage in alcohol use, with about 9% of full-time students having alcohol use disorder. Substance use can affect students' success on campus, and stigmas and peer pressure may prevent them from seeking help. This course teaches students about substance misuse impacts, intervention, and medical emergencies, without moralizing or using slogans. It also covers substance use disorder treatment and on-campus help resources.
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The most thorough online Drugs and Alcohol Awareness on Campus Course

EasyLlama’s innovative teaching solutions have integrated industry-leading knowledge checks and Hollywood-produced videos that boost engagement and retention while promoting a deeper understanding of drugs and alcohol awareness topics for students, faculty, and staff members.
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