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Compliance Training Does Not Have To Be Boring

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Real life and relatable videos and quizzes

Our course content is crafted on scenarios that we could see in the real-world. This helps employees resonate with the material presented, which increases the retention of information and helps promote appropriate workplace behavior so your employees can remain focused and productive.

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Course Content Relatable For All

We are committed to delivering a compliance training solution in a format that speaks to all generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. We also support your global workforce with courses in over 100 languages.

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Divided into 5-10 minutes micro-sessions that are educational and entertaining

Everyone learns differently, and with self-pacing, each learner can decide the speed at which they’d like to move through the training. Some learners may need more time to absorb nuanced materials while others learn best at a fast pace.

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Learner-centered approach delivers best-in-class training experience


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Industry Specific Content

Learners need to be able to resonate with the scenarios presented in the course. Industry-specific content helps achieve this goal. Employees are shown modules that they can relate with, boosting engagement, attentiveness, and completion scores.

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Interactive Quizzes

Ensure employees are retaining information with in-course interactive quizzes. Quizzes not only ensure understanding of content, but help to engage learners through a variety of gamified interactive actions.

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