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EasyLlama is shaking up the status quo with training courses inspired by the content consumption habits of modern learners. Our best-in-class and interactive courses keep learners engaged and interested.

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Workplace Training Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Real-Life Scenarios Employees resonate with

Our course content is crafted with scenarios that we may experience in the real world. This helps employees resonate with the material presented, which increases their retention of information and helps promote appropriate workplace behavior, so your employees can remain focused and productive.

Real-Life Scenarios Employees  resonate with

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Learner-centered approach delivers best-in-class training experience

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Learn at your own speed with Self-Paced Training

Learn at your own speed with Self-Paced Training

Because everyone learns differently, self-pacing allows each learner to select the pace at which they want to complete the course material. While some individuals may need more time to fully comprehend complex subjects, others may prefer to learn while moving quickly.

Take Your Training Anywhere- Works On Any Device

100% mobile-friendly training enables employees to finish courses whether they are sitting at a desk or out in the field across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. As a result, there is no longer a need to schedule specific training periods, providing the team flexibility and increasing completion rates.

Take Your Training Anywhere- Works On Any Device

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Take courses Online with No Download Required

Take courses Online with No Download Required

There is no need to download complicated software to train workers. As long as there’s a connection to the internet, employees can achieve compliance no matter where they are located.

Accessible WCAG 2.1 A

Accessible for individuals with hearing and/or vision impairments, including adjusting playback speed, the ability to zoom in and out, and more! We don't just address inclusivity in our trainings, we practice it every day on our platforms.

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Improves Employee Knowledge & Preparation

Improves Employee Knowledge & Preparation

When asked "How prepared do you feel to prevent, identify, and report sexual harassment in the workplace?" employee preparation grew from 56% pre-training to 83% post-training.

Learners Love ❤️ Our Content

The content was much better than what we offered in the past

EasyLlama aligned with our mission immediately

Once we implemented it to employees, we got a lot of feedback, ‘Wow, I could actually relate to that. That didn't look like a typical 80s recording. It seemed updated and fresh and new.’ I think the fact that they can see themselves in the training and they can relate to the training, it helps them want to complete it faster. When we saw that, we knew that that was the platform for us.

-Michael Zamora, GLAAD Senior Director of People, Talent & Culture

Frequently Updated Course Content So learners are never bored

Rules and regulations are constantly evolving, and with them, so are our courses. We stay ahead of the changes in legislation so you can rest easy that training content is always fully compliant and you’re protected from hefty fines. Moreover, we perform an annual content refresh - so you never get bored watching the same training.

Frequently Updated Course Content So learners are never bored
90% Of Learners would recommend EasyLlama To Colleagues

90% Of Learners would recommend EasyLlama To Colleagues

The vast majority of learners recommend EasyLlama to colleagues because of our best-in-class training experience. With self-paced courses that use Hollywood-produced videos and interactive knowledge checks, EasyLlama is the top workplace training platform to keep employees engaged and retaining important knowledge.

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