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Voted The #1 Best Sexual Harassment Training Solution: EasyLlama

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Voted The #1 Best Sexual Harassment Training Solution: EasyLlama

Listen, if you are an enterprise, staffing agency, franchise owner, or HR representative looking for an easy way to stay compliant with the latest training regulations for federal, state, and local laws, then you are in the right place. EasyLlama is hands down the best sexual harassment training solution to legally certify your employees (at the push of a button).

In fact, thousands of small and large companies such as Hilton, Chick-Fil-A, Club Pilates, and PGA use our harassment training to avoid unnecessary compliance penalties. Compliance fees can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars for companies if sexual harassment training courses are not completed on time. Each state has a different deadline for completion. If you have a deadline coming up, get in touch with us today so we can help you train your organization right away!

In just a moment, we'll go over why we're voted the best on-the-go sexual harassment training solution by The Balance SMB.

First, let's go over who is required to have sexual harassment training.

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Who Needs Sexual Harassment Training?

Standards in the workplace are constantly changing. New legal requirements and regulations are being made all of the time so it can be tough to keep up on your own. State regulations for sexual harassment prevention vary across the U.S. and can be downright confusing.

Many companies have faced violations and large compliance fines because of the new laws. Today, a lot of States mandate companies to provide sexual harassment training to employees and be re-certified every one or two years. If the business owner fails to train employees by the strict deadlines, they could receive a big penalty.

Due to COVID guidelines for employees and social distancing measures your state may allow extensions on deadlines.

For this reason, sexual harassment training is mandatory, and in some states required for companies with as few as 1 to 5 employees. It's recommended to train everyone in your organization to help prevent abusive conduct and stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

If you skip out on training your employees and a harassment issue does happen, your business could be flagged for not being compliant with the law. Your company's reputation can be ruined for years by not taking the correct preventative measures.

Rest assured that all regulatory updates for Federal and State are covered in our frequently updated training videos.

From California to New York, we have a state-by-state overview of the latest legislation on harassment prevention. Check out our detailed state-by-state sexual harassment laws guide.

Now, without further ado, let's get into why EasyLlama is the best sexual harassment training program on the market.

Ultimate Guide To State And Local Harassment Prevention Training Requirements

Download the guide outlining all the state and local laws around sexual harassment prevention training requirements.

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It's Hassle-free to Certify Everyone In Your Organization

Most of our competitors use clunky software and outdated training videos that really make your life harder. Heck, some, like the free California sexual harassment training, don't provide tracking so you won't even know if all your employees actually completed the required training or not (oh, c'mon!).

That's where we come in.

We make it easy and stress-free to certify all your employees. Onboarding and tracking to see which employees are certified don't have to be time-consuming. Sometimes employees don't have an email to get trained... That's why we created 'magic links' that can be copied and sent by text - no login is required for employees.

All you need to do is share a single link for your entire organization. What you could also do is segment your business locations by supervisors and let them handle the assignments for each separate department.

We Automatically Send Reminders

Our platform has a lot of new features and a unique one is the "due date" feature which sends smart reminders and notifications to each employee until they fully complete their training. If they don't finish the course, you'll be the first to know.

EasyLlama integrates with your favorite HR tools and Learning Management Systems, like BambooHr, Gusto, and Workday.

We help you every step of the way to maintain records of course certificates that can be submitted to auditors if an investigation, audit, or anything of that nature arise.

Cost-Effective Compliance Training

A lot of our competitors in our industry are not transparent with pricing. What we do is provide all the prices upfront and have many different plans to fit your budget.

No set up fees. No hidden charges. No stress. You simply purchase credits based on the number of employees you want to train, add your employees, send them the link and let EasyLlama do everything for you.

We have a minimum purchase of 5 employee training sessions but then you buy credits for each extra employee you need to certify. Depending on what you need, prices start at $14.95 per training and go as low as $9.95 for over 500 employees.

Not to mention, we have custom VIP plans with personalized onboarding, customized training, and priority support.

Harassment Training Videos At Your Employee's Fingertips

As a leader in online sexual harassment prevention, our training is delivered through interactive, bite-sized episodes so it's easy to start and complete at any time. In today's remote workplace, our online training is designed for mobile and accessible on any smartphone or tablet device.

Our videos are delivered in short, easily consumable sessions that can be started, stopped, and completed on your schedule 24 hours a day. It's no wonder why we beat other compliance training software like Traliant.

Fun Videos To Engage Your Employees

We make it simple for you to set up and get your employees trained with interactive quizzes and videos.

Compliance training may sound like a bore but with EasyLlama's interactive eLearning, experience, our videos (available in over 100 languages!), and quizzes make it fun. Choose your training preference with the option of "classroom-mode" for in-person or on "kiosk mode" where employees select their name on any shared device like an iPad or computer.

Our modern approach gives employees practical real-life scenarios of harassment and discrimination so they can spot these behaviors at work.

The EasyLlama difference for Sexual Harassment Training

Businesses and employees both win by investing in sexual harassment prevention education. The results speak for themself. Harassment training has been proven to improve performance by reducing workplace anxiety and hostility.

When harassment happens in a company, employee morale, and productivity drops. On the other hand, when employees feel safe and supported, they perform their best on the job, and get more done.

When businesses create sexual harassment compliance into every facet of the business, they become leaders who can create a culture to prevent abusive behavior from ever happening.

We make sure your business is protected and covered under regulations with our certification. Our company was recently honored as the best sexual harassment seminar training solution by the well-known The Balance curation website. Don't take it from us, here's what they had to say:

"The company creates engaging, compliant sexual harassment training for employees that meet all local, state, and federal sexual harassment training requirements. EasyLlama provides sexual harassment training that is fast, flexible, and cost-effective, and that's what most employers need. That's why we chose EasyLlama as our best sexual harassment training provider...Training is broken down into 10-minute sessions that employees can access 24/7, including from mobile devices."

Reach out if you have any questions about our harassment training program and how it can benefit your workplace.

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