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Compliance & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Made Easy

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Compliance & Sexual Harassment Training Made Easy

We make it easy for your entire organization to comply with the latest training regulations, through interactive bite-sized episodes designed to be watched on-the-go. Watch the video

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Why Is EasyLlama So Great?

We have created training modules that your employees will actually enjoy.

  • We Have Your Back

    Our training is fully compliant and created by HR experts. We make courses that exceed state and federal requirements so you can rest at ease.

  • Designed For A Mobile Workforce

    We understand that people are busy. Our lessons can be completed on your own schedule and on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Real-Time Tracking & Reporting

    We make tracking progress and course completion easy, as well as certifying employees across all functions and locations.

Avoid Unnecessary Fines
Stay Compliant With EasyLlama

The EasyLlama Difference

Our training platform is built to make your life easier, with a turn-key solution that is customizable to your unique needs.


Compliance Training Does Not Have To Be Boring

  • Real life and relatable videos and quizzes

  • Speaks to everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers and beyond, in English, Spanish and 100 other languages

  • Divided into 5-10 minutes micro-sessions that are educational and entertaining

Easily Manage Your Workforce

  • Integrate with major HR and LMS tools

  • Assign supervisors and non-supervisors versions

  • Track individual progress

  • Remind employees automatically (text/email)

EasyLlama features
EasyLlama features

Created for Your Specific Needs

  • Automated yearly reminders

  • Manage different locations and departments

  • Access certificates of completion when needed


The Highest Rated Training Solution on the Market


Our users love EasyLlama


Great program. Easy to follow, and engaging. Not too long, or boring. Easy to stop and start. Up to date work related topics in today’s work cultures. Pleasant program. Thank you!

5-star review

Katherine G.
EasyLlama trainee


WOW! Didn't expect this to be so easy to use, I literally got started in 5 minutes... I love the content as well, it has quizzes, real-life videos and the Llama theme makes it really interactive and engaging.

Amy B.
Reviewer on SHRM


I love this product. It saved our practice when we were in urgent need of compliance training and it's been the easiest thing to use.

5-star review

Here’s What Sets Us Apart

As a leader in online sexual harassment training and compliance, our mission is for managers to make it fast, easy, and painless to use our software. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to.

  • Available in over 100 languages
  • Online self-paced training
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Email and text reminders
  • Customize text and logo
  • Competitive pricing
  • In-depth progress tracking
  • Integrations with HR tools
  • Instant certificate download

Go Beyond Compliance by Captivating Your Employees

Tailored for The #MeToo Era

Sexual harassment and abusive conduct in the workplace is a persistent problem that can affect anyone. Our training takes a fresh and comprehensive approach through relevant examples and gamification.


Real-Life Scenarios

While traditional training models frequently result in backlash and increased bias, our approach to harassment prevention focuses on people’s similarities rather than their differences and offers diverse, nuanced examples rather than cliched, outdated ones.


Interactive Quizzes

Our online training includes quizzes throughout the course, which educates employees while engaging and empowering them. Our unique format improves employees' understanding of harassment and discrimination and how to respond to these behaviors.

EasyLlama features

Meet the EasyLlama Family

Quality and engaging content matters, that’s why we spare no expense when producing our training modules, building on our real-world experience to deliver courses that captivate your employees and effect real change.


Make Sure Everyone Is Certified

We make it easy to certify employees and know who completed mandatory training. We make sure that you are covered if any issue arises or in case of an inspection.

Our Courses Exceed All Federal and State Requirements

Our online courses for individual learning provide content that is relevant to today’s issues and challenges and comply with federal, state, and local laws. If you are located in California, New York, or anywhere in between, we have you covered.

  • California harassment training


    Harassment Training is mandatory for employers with more than 5 employees. Avoid fines and become compliant today.

  • New York harassment training

    New York

    Our courses are built to exceed New York City, and New York State requirements, including the latest amendments.

  • Illinois harassment training


    The Illinois Legislature rallied to create a new law, SB 75, that helps increase employee protections.

  • Connecticut harassment training


    Under a new state law, Connecticut employers must now provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees, not just supervisors.

  • Delaware harassment training


    Delaware now joins a growing number of states that have passed stronger anti-harassment legislation in the wake of #MeToo

  • Maine harassment training


    Maine sexual harassment training requirements are some of the most rigorous in the U.S., employees must receive additional training.

We cover everyone… to get a state-by-state overview of the latest legislation on harassment prevention training contact us

Get Trained Anywhere, 24/7

EasyLlama delivers ongoing training across a variety of workplace locations to maximize effectiveness and scale your training program.

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  • Always available

    E-learning is extremely flexible, you can complete your training anytime, pause and come back, and you control the pace. The cost is also advantageous, as there are no travel expenses and no need for printed materials.

  • Works for everyone

    We recognize our clients are diverse and want the convenience of on-demand online training, our modules work on mobile phones (iOS, Android), tablets and of course, desktop devices. And we are available in English, Spanish and 100 other languages.

  • Quick setup

    Add new employees seamlessly via CSV import, HR integrations, or self-signup link sent via email or text message. Our mission is to make employee training fast, easy, and painless.

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