HR Trends 2020 That Will Impact Your Workplace Culture In The Future

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HR Trends 2020 That Will Impact Your Workplace Culture In The Future

Human resource professionals have a lot to keep up with, including globalization, economic changes, automation, and tech developments. All these can affect how companies attract and retain their top talent and do business. Your HR department might become obsolete if it doesn't keep up with all these changes. It is vitally important to have an HR compliance checklist to keep up at all times. Here are four HR trends that can contribute to positive workplace culture.

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New Approaches to Workplace Culture

Most organizations, if not all, have realized the benefits of boosting employee engagement, productivity, retention, and recruitment and fostering a great working environment. However, HR professionals have, in the recent past, seen a dramatic increase in the focus on factors that can negate their culture, people, and the bottom line. Week after week, cases of alleged bias, bullying, and intimidation are being reported in high-profile organizations. Despite the prevalence of unfavorable working conditions, many organizations are still not sure how to fix them. The HR team will need to keep up with on-trends to create a robust, proactive culture strategy and improve their workplace culture. It can involve reinforcing key organizational values, ensuring leaders demonstrate value, and holding workers accountable for their behaviors. Training all employees on culture-building topics and equipping managers with skills can also help improve workplace culture.

Harassment Prevention Training

The introduction of new laws and continued awareness of workplace harassment will continue to drive the need to train workers on workplace harassment. Unfortunately, much of today's training to prevent workplace harassment has been ineffective for various reasons. However, training and development professionals can reverse this trend by ensuring their harassment prevention training programs meet standards. There will also be a need to increase focus on the impact and effectiveness of these training programs. Organizations will have to incorporate training subjects and techniques that can help prevent the reoccurrence of harassment, including honest and professional behavior and bystander intervention skills.

Workplace Retaliation

Retaliation might be the next trend to take the HR department by storm. Unless HR professionals take swift steps and put the issue on their radar, it might be the next most devastating issue in workplaces. Recent studies have demonstrated the alarming scope of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. However, experts claim that retaliation might get worse than discrimination and harassment in a few years. It is one of the most common complaints filed with the EEOC over the past few years.

Data Transparency

Keeping the most sensitive HR-related information confidential has been a practice and policy in many organizations. From pay information to diversity metrics and harassment complaints, companies have for long kept this information confidential to protect their brand, competitive, and legal position. Some have even opted to forgo gathering and analysis of this information for risk mitigation. However, everything seems to be changing, as companies continue to seek more data about the impact of their human resource practices to their workplace culture. Many companies have realized that being transparent about their internal human resource challenges can help build their brand, create a positive workplace culture, earn trust, and increase employee accountability.

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