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Active Listening Skills in the Workplace

Whether you're in a one-on-one meeting or a conference call with many people, active listening is a fundamental skill that may help you have more fruitful conversations at home and at work. Encourage your staff to adopt active listening techniques to establish genuine connections at work.

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Teach your employees the benefits of active listening in the workplace with this microtraining

Teach the Three A's of Active Listening, explain its benefits, and demonstrate knowledge of active listening skills via real-life scenarios with EasyLlama’s Active Listening Skills in the Workplace mini-course. A skill like active listening has the potential to revolutionize any workplace. It's a simple approach to show your coworkers and staff that you value their opinions, and it gives everyone the chance to make more informed decisions.

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Teach your employees the benefits of active listening in the workplace with this microtraining

Employees Will Learn:


Describe the 3 A’s of Active Listening


Explain the benefits of being an active listener


Employ active listening to create authentic relationships in the workplace

Why Active Listening Matters In The Workplace

Active listening is an essential skill for any successful workplace. Not only does it help to ensure that important information is communicated accurately, but it also builds trust and understanding between employees. Active listening allows for a deeper level of communication, where the listener is actively engaging with the speaker and taking the time to understand their viewpoint. This can help to foster an environment of respect and cooperation, as employees feel heard and valued. Through active listening, employees can more effectively collaborate with each other to resolve problems and create solutions.

Why Active Listening Matters In The Workplace

Benefits of Active Listening Training for Workers

Anyone can benefit from active listening! Practicing this dynamic skill may help build trust, strengthen collaborative relationships, reduce miscommunication and misunderstandings, and empower communication skills by expanding perspectives.


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Help prevent employee conflicts with EasyLlama’s mini-course on Active Listening Skills in the Workplace!

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Get ready to add some zest to your communication skills with this valuable mini-course. The interactive quizzes and real-life video scenarios built into EasyLlama's unique teaching solutions will increase engagement while educating employees on the skill of active listening.

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