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Elevate your workplace culture with EasyLlama's dynamic Bystander Intervention Training. Our comprehensive course empowers your team to step in, speak up, and foster a respectful and safe work environment. Exceeding EEOC and state mandates, our training provides practical strategies through immersive real-life scenarios.

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Elevate Culture and Performance with Strategic Bystander Training

Our course equips your employees with the acumen to counteract workplace microaggressions, harassment, and discrimination effectively. Post-training, your team will not only recognize the impact of bystander intervention but will be inspired to nurture a thriving, positive work environment.

4.9 / 5
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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Harassment & Discrimination


Elevate Culture and Performance with Strategic Bystander Training

Your Employees Will Learn:


The ways in which bystander intervention can contribute to a positive work environment


Different types of bystander intervention strategies to implement in the workplace


Scenarios where bystander intervention is appropriate and necessary


De-escalation techniques to assist with incidents that may occur during the workday

Your Essential Guide to Halting Workplace Harassment

Did you know that as bystanders, we hold the potential to halt inappropriate actions in their early stages, before they escalate into full-blown harassment? Equip your employees with the right tools and knowledge to create a safer workplace. Passive bystanders might unknowingly contribute to a toxic environment, with repercussions extending beyond the victim.

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Empower Your team to combat harassment and discrimination with EasyLlama’s Bystander Intervention Training today!

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Build a Safe & Productive Workforce

  • Hollywood-Produced, Real-Life Video ScenariosReal-world scenarios in each course enhance knowledge retention, promote appropriate workplace behavior, and improve productivity.
  • Interactive Games and QuizzesEmployees apply their newly acquired knowledge in a practical and fun way, which can increase motivation to learn as well as reinforce course material.
  • Bite-Sized DeliveryDesigned with short, easily digestible sections that enable individuals to learn at their preferred pace. Seamlessly pause and resume the course across multiple devices.
  • Mobile-Friendly; No Login RequiredOur mobile-friendly training requires no login and is accessible on any device, enabling employees to finish courses whether they are sitting at a desk or out in the field.
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Why EasyLlama?

Join the 8,000+ happy customers who are reimagining compliance training and improving workplace culture with EasyLlama.

"Very well received by our users"

The EasyLlama content we purchased was very well received by our users. The videos were professional and had real-life scenarios which is beneficial in harassment and DEI training. EasyLlama is a simple, The purchase was quick and we were able to set this up very quickly with an upload of our users.

"No more boring trainings"

I liked that I wasn't bored when completing the training. Previous employers use training materials that felt out dated as opposed to this which made you want to pay attention. I tell my HR friends from other organization about using this.

"EasyLlama is Easy to Use"

Using Easy Llama keeps us in compliance with mandatory Harassment Prevention training requirements. Love that there are customized modules for that meet different state requirements. Easy to launch learning modules; easy to run reports; best of all the quality of the content is very good, engaging.

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Simply purchase licenses based on the number of employees you plan to train each year. Gain access to the EasyLlama dashboard immediately following your purchase! Add employees individually, send us a spreadsheet, or connect with more than 35 LMS, and HRIS providers. EasyLlama automatically sends an email invitation to each employee and sends follow-up reminders so you don’t have to.

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Hit the ground running with Harassment Prevention courses

Promote a safer workplace with EasyLlama’s full-length and mini-courses. Since 2019, we've been on a mission to empower organizations to create a more inclusive and positive work environment through employee training. With interactive elements and real-life videos to engage your employees, knowledge retention will be higher than ever.


Harassment & Discrimination

Preventing workplace harassment contributes to the foundation for developing an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Reduce the risk of workplace sexual harassment with award-winning, online compliance training.

Workplace Bullying Prevention

Empower your workforce to foster a bully-free workplace culture through this comprehensive training, equipping employees with the skills to identify, report, and intervene in bullying situations, promoting early intervention and a safe reporting environment

Reasonable Accommodation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the workplace, covering accommodation types, implementation best practices, and effective handling of requests and denials.

Title IX

In order to maintain a safe learning and working environment on campus, a Title IX training program is crucial in educating students, faculty, and staff about their rights and responsibilities to address, report, and prevent sexual misconduct.

Shape a Positive Workplace Future with Advanced Bystander Intervention

Experience the transformation with EasyLlama's Bystander Intervention Training. This course is your pathway to a respectful workplace where every employee is equipped to address and deter unacceptable behavior, contributing to an enduring, supportive work environment.


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