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California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Training Requirements Online

With the rise of sexual harassment in the workplace, every institution recognizes the importance of sexual harassment training. The training helps in eliminating any form of sexual harassment behaviors among co-workers and promotes a safe workplace. The training also creates awareness of the discriminative practices and the sexual harassment taking place in the working environment and hinders the affected employees from performing.


On August 24th, 2004, the government of California enacted a new Bill AB1825. The law requires all business owners in California with over 50 employees to conduct sexual harassment training once every two years to supervisors or managers. The two hours of training must take place within six months of when the supervisor is hired or promoted. The law applies to full-time, contractors, or part-time employees working in California. The law became effective in 2005.


The employers must work with trainers who have complied with the requirements for California AB1825 and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing rules and regulations. At EasyLlama, we offer online sexual harassment training using online training materials like videos and detailed examples for everyone to understand easily.


Our competent trainers deliver the best online training to our clients and ensure customer satisfaction. Our training at EasyLlama will ensure we eliminate all the discriminative and sexual harassment behaviors in an organization and make sure employees are enjoying a peaceful working environment.


According to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and Senate Bill AB1825, the employers should record all the activities that took place during training. The information recorded include:


  •  The date that the training took place
  • The name of the trainer
  • The names of the employees present
  • The type of training that took place for instance online training
  • The copies of recorded and written material used during training
  • Copies of the certificate issued    


The Requirements under the AB1825 Sexual Harassment Training


According to Senate Bill 1825, all employers must facilitate the training of employees and managers. The training content must have the following requirements:


1. Definition of sexual harassment according to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act (DFEH)

2. Types of behaviors under sexual harassment at the workplace

3. The available remedies of sexually harassed employees

4. The strategies applied by employers to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace and the retaliation

5. Prevent every type of abusive behavior

6. Use practical example during training

7. The case laws and Statute prohibits all forms of workplace sexual harassment

8. How employees should carry out an investigation

9. Measures taken in case the supervisor is liable for harassment

10. Important anti-harassment elements and their uses

11. Steps involved in case the employer does not take action after receiving a sexual harassment complaint from an employee.



Employers Responsibilities under California AB1825 Act


The law requires employers to promote sexual harassment training in the workplace. The training helps in maintaining an environment with limited harassment. Some of the responsibilities for employers include:

  • Schedule the training time and ensures all the managers and supervisors attend
  • Decide ways of conducting the training for instance online training
  • Formulate and enforce a sexual harassment policy
  • Encourage managers, supervisors, and employees to read and understand the policies
  • Ensure the company has reporting methods
  • Update the sexual harassment policies and ensure they meet the standard of California law
  • Ensure all employees got the information required
  • They can use mail or place the information sheet on in accessible location

The Responsibilities of the Supervisor under the Senate AB1825 Act


The bill recommends employers to conduct training for managers and supervisors. After the training, the supervisor learns to carry out the following responsibilities:


  • Maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment 
  • Supervisors should follow the correct procedure when investigating a sexual harassment case
  • Respond positively to harassment incidents
  • Read and understand the policies
  • Help the organization to prevent unlawful harassment behaviors
  • They should not participate or being accused of sexual harassment cases
  • Ensure employees read and understand the policies
  • Help the employer to place the poster written with all the sexual harassment policies in an accessible location

The California AB1825 Act does not pass a strict penalty on employers who do not comply with the law or the requirements from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. In case the employers fail to comply, Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act will issue an order instructing them to meet, and they must also conduct the training within 60 days from the day they receive the order.


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