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Pronouns in the Workplace

Pronouns can be a bit of a hot topic these days, especially as laws regarding transgender and nonbinary adults and children are proposed, passed, and challenged. But gender identity and expression are protected by federal law, and not respecting people’s pronouns can be considered harassment.

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Educate your employees on the importance of using pronouns in the workplace

Educate employees on what pronouns are and discuss reasons for using the correct pronouns for coworkers in EasyLlama’s Pronouns in the Workplace mini-course. It also teaches employees best practices for learning and using new pronouns in the workplace. Training all employees on how to use pronouns can lead trans and nonbinary people to feel respected and included in the workplace, thereby increasing talent retention.

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Harassment and Discrimination


Educate your employees on the importance of using pronouns in the workplace

Employees Will Learn:


Define pronouns and neopronouns


Use a variety of pronouns in everyday conversation


Explain how pronouns are connected to gender


State legal ramifications for not using people’s pronouns correctly in the workplace

Why Pronouns Matters In The Workplace

Respecting transgender and nonbinary people’s pronouns is a cornerstone of creating an inclusive workplace for gender-diverse people. A report from McKinsey indicates that trans people are much more likely than cisgender people to think about leaving their company, often due to the workplace environment. Additionally, over 50% of trans people think their gender is a barrier to advancement. Pronoun training can help to reduce tension and misunderstanding in the workplace, as well as to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Why Pronouns Matters In The Workplace

Benefits of Pronoun Training for Your Employees

Workplace training on pronouns helps to create an inclusive workplace environment, which promotes respect and acceptance among coworkers. It also enables employees to better understand the different gender identities and how to use them correctly. This type of training also encourages employees to be more conscious of their language and to be more respectful in their interactions with others.


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As representative as possible

We may be a smaller company in a less racially diverse area, however our team comprises a very broad range of gender identities. Finding content that was as representative as possible - and didn't feel like it had been generated in the 1990s or before - was my top priority. And I'm glad to know that EasyLlama's coursework set up our neurodivergent team members for success.

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Educate employees about gender identity with EasyLlama’s Pronouns in the Workplacemini-course!

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The most thorough Pronoun training in the workplace

It is vital for employees to respect coworkers and their pronouns, but some individuals may not understand why. EasyLlama’s training includes interactive knowledge checks and Hollywood-produced videos with real-life situations that can help foster a deeper understanding of the importance of pronouns for all.

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