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GDPR Training Course
Data protection has become a major issue in the world today and is no longer just an IT concern. This course educates learners on the General Data Protection Regulation's (GDPR's), comprehensive requirements, company regulations, and employees' duties for the protection of personal data.
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  • 30 minutes to complete
    30 minutes to complete
  • Available in over 100 languages
    Available in over 100 languages
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    Instant certificate download
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
    Mobile and tablet friendly
Help your organization protect personal data with GDPR training
The GDPR trainings are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new EU legislation and its implications for organizations, as well as employees. This course provides an overview of key concepts, requirements and obligations which both companies and individuals will have to implement and follow to avoid sanctions.


Employees Will Learn:

  • Identifying the basic tenets of GDPR

  • The principles of GDPR and what organizations must do to remain in compliance

  • Defining the rights given to data subjects under GDPR

  • The enforcement agencies and penalties involved with GDPR violations

What’s included
The Most Comprehensive online GDPR Prevention Training
The goal of this training is to help guide individuals and organizations on how to protect consumer data by understanding how GDPR governs the collection, use, storage, and movement of personal information. This course covers:
Chapter 1: Introduction to GDPR Training
Chapter 2: Principles
Chapter 3: Data Subject Rights
Chapter 4: Best Practices
Chapter 5: Penalties and Enforcement
Chapter 6: What Have We Learned?
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Protect Consumer Data with EasyLlama’s GDPR Training

Respecting data privacy rules helps to improve the relationship between a business and its clients. A GDPR data privacy infringement may potentially be punishable by steep fines. Understanding the rights granted to data subjects, the fundamentals of GDPR regulation, and the best practices for maintaining compliance will help your organization save time and money while protecting your reputation with customers.

Protect Consumer Data with EasyLlama’s GDPR Training
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was enacted in 2018, established a benchmark for data privacy legislation throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Businesses are now compelled to manage customer information in a far more transparent manner as a result of this regulation and others like it. The GDPR outlines the rights given to data subjects as well as the rules that organizations must follow when handling sensitive personal data.

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Be Proactive about protecting Customer data

This course is intended to assist organizations and their employees in navigating the complex world of data privacy and to offer strategies for maintaining GDPR legal compliance. It is crucial now more than ever that you and your company handle customer data with the extreme care given the potentially significant fines and penalties that can result from a GDPR breach.
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The most engaging online GDPR Course

The GDPR is a global standard and therefore, this updated course is applicable to businesses located anywhere in the world. We cover all facets of the new European data privacy laws and give you practical strategies for leveraging the technologies that must be implemented immediately to reduce the risk of regulatory fines or penalties.
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