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The Best Online Compliance Training Platform: Traliant Vs. EasyLlama

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The Best Online Compliance Training Platform: Traliant Vs. EasyLlama

Whether you're an HR manager, compliance officer, or business owner, choosing an effective compliance training platform is probably one of your biggest headaches. Most platforms often come with a set of annoying challenges: clunky software, outdated training principles, and opaque pricing.

The right compliance training platform can bring enormous benefits to your business. You get to enjoy a more productive and safer workplace, lower risks of legal action, and an improved business reputation. So skimping on your search for better training software shouldn't be an option.

Luckily, we've done all the legwork for you. In this article, we'll compare two compliance training heavyweights: Traliant vs. EasyLlama.

We'll look at the main features you need to consider ineffective training software and compare the two platforms side by side.

But first, we'll address the most pressing issue:


When shopping for a training platform, your budget may be your biggest concern. If you're operating in a tightly regulated industry, the costs of training programs can easily stretch your finances.

But you don't have to pay an arm and leg so that your employees can grasp compliance policies. An effective program should not only tick all the necessary boxes — comprehensive, engaging, and easy to use — but should also provide good value for your money. That said, what's the more affordable option between Traliant and EasyLlama?

EasyLlama stands out by offering a transparent pricing structure, including features that are often considered add-ons by competitors. With plans starting at $1.66 per employee per month, EasyLlama's pricing packages provide excellent value. Regardless of business size, EasyLlama's variety of plans and instant pricing quotes accommodate a range of budgetary requirements.

There's little information on the paid version of Trailant's training program, however. The cost probably varies on a case-by-case basis, and you'll have to contact them to receive a quote.

Traliant's free trial gives potential users a taste of their training programs without requiring any upfront commitment. However, their lack of transparency with pricing, coupled with the waiting time required to get a price quote, can be an issue for potential customers, considering they probably need compliance training right away to meet industry requirements.

With EasyLlama, however, you'll know how much you need to spend right out of the gate — and its prices are among the most affordable in the market. So EasyLlama wins on pricing.

Here are the main factors you need to look into when choosing a compliance training platform:

1. Comprehensiveness

It's easy to overload your employees with compliance information; after all, you need to get it done and over with. However, research shows this approach barely works, especially when learning occurs online.

In a recent Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) survey, 94% of the people interviewed claimed they preferred learning in short-form modules (videos shorter than 10 minutes). For employees, maintaining focus can be difficult, especially when you consider their busy workdays.

Delivering content in short bursts with well-spaced lessons can help cement what they've learned. It reduces the chances of employees clicking on videos to let them play without internalizing any information.

Another study supports this fact. As reported by RPS research, dividing lessons into bits increases attention spans and improves retention levels by a whopping 80%. So, if you want your employees to continue implementing compliance policies for a long time, microlearning is the way to go.

Imagine a situation where your employee is juggling lots of duties — submitting urgent reports, filing important docs, and researching the next company project. Would a 50-minute lesson really fit into their schedule? The best you can hope for is for the employee to leave the video in the background while completing more urgent tasks.

So, which platform offers the better approach between Traliant and EasyLlama?

Course Library

EasyLlama also boasts an impressive training catalog with over 200 courses covering a wide range of topics, with industry-specific training options and seven course suites including Harassment & Discrimination Prevention; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); Data Privacy and Cybersecurity; Soft Skills; Wellness; Workplace Safety; and Ethical Practices. Meanwhile, Traliant has less than 100 courses and fewer audience types as well.


Moreover, EasyLlama's platform includes mini-courses called "Llama Bites," which are designed to provide quick yet impactful learning sessions lasting 5-10 minutes each. While Traliant does offer microlearning options with 2-3 minute "sparks," EasyLlama's Llama Bites offer a more robust approach to continuous learning, keeping employees updated with relevant skills and insights throughout the year.

2. Engagement

Too often, HR managers approach compliance training with dread, execute it with disinterest, and leave employees exhausted from endless legalities. Similarly, employees rarely enjoy it, as they're mostly going through the motions while skimming through lessons.

Compliance training, however, doesn't always have to be boring. One way to spice up training is through learner engagement. Higher engagement levels often translate to higher productivity levels, as trainees are more likely to be more engaged with their work. As a result, employees may gain more satisfaction when they use their newfound skills in the workplace.

Quizzing is often the go-to approach for many training platforms when improving learner engagement. A major reason why? It gives employees the freedom to fail. It helps them assess their performances, allowing them to discover what they need to know to become better employees.

Interactive quizzes keep them accountable and reinforce what they learn. And similarly to microlearning, it helps improve long-term retention. A recent study interviewed 35 participants to analyze whether quizzing helps learners retain information for longer. The results? Repeated quizzing led to higher long-term retention compared to repeated studying (55% vs. 46%).

Which One Should You Choose?

Both Traliant and EasyLlama offer interactive quizzes throughout their courses. They're both engaging without neglecting the most important goal: helping employees understand compliance content without overpowering them with too many formalities.

3. Usability

While the Traliant and EasyLlama platforms overlap on the basic inclusion of training features, EasyLlama distinguishes itself through its array of advanced features that enhance the training experience. EasyLlama’s platform offers a modern and interactive training environment that is compliant and regularly updated.

Advanced Features

Accessing advanced features for workplace training is crucial because it empowers organizations to create more personalized and impactful learning experiences. These features often enable adaptive learning paths, interactive content, gamification, and analytics in order to enhance engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development among employees. Additionally, advanced features provide insights into training effectiveness, enabling continuous improvement and alignment with business goals.

Unique features like Magic Links, which eliminate the need for accounts or logins, and kiosk mode for added security contribute to a seamless user experience with EasyLlama. Bulk employee uploads, easy certificate exports, and location-based segmentation further demonstrate EasyLlama's commitment to convenience and customization. In comparison, Traliant's feature set may not match up to EasyLlama's advanced offerings.

4. Setup

Chances are, when you're looking for a compliance training solution, you're strapped for time since you have to meet your industry's requirements and deadlines. Having to endure hours of setting up your platform can cost you heavily. An uncomplicated and effective setup process with your workplace training provider is essential to save time, reduce interruptions, foster user adoption, and ensure cost-efficient execution. This results in favorable user experiences, swift deployment, scalability, and an increased return on investment. Organizations that embrace user-friendly training solutions will position themselves advantageously in the competitive landscape.

EasyLlama's commitment to transparency extends to its setup process. With no setup fees or hidden charges, the platform offers a straightforward onboarding experience. Additionally, the platform emphasizes user control, granting Unlimited users full access to its extensive training library. Integrations with payroll, HRIS, and LMS systems ensure a seamless import and tracking of employee course progress. EasyLlama's focus on providing a comprehensive and hassle-free solution ensures a competitive edge over alternatives like Traliant.

Making the Choice

In the realm of compliance training platforms, the choice between Traliant and EasyLlama becomes crystal clear. While both platforms aim to elevate your training experience, EasyLlama emerges as the standout option that checks all the boxes. With transparent pricing, comprehensive and effective content, a user-friendly experience, and a seamless setup, EasyLlama is not just a solution — it's a game-changer. Don't settle for less when it comes to compliance training. Choose EasyLlama for a hassle-free, top-quality experience that's tailored to your needs and budget by accessing your free course preview today!

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