5 Steps to Create A LGBT Diversity Training


5 Steps to Create A LGBT Diversity Training

The concept of LGBT diversity training may be new to some employees and HR teams, but it is very important to include this topic in your diversity and inclusion training. Insensitive work environments can foster hostility and damage the enthusiasm and trust of employees, in turn affecting productivity, workplace cohesion, and employee satisfaction.

Diverse, inclusive teams frequently outperform individuals or limited groups, and also often bring in more money for their companies or businesses. This makes effective LGBTQ+ training - a service that EasyLlama provides - vital for employee satisfaction, business reputation, and business performance.

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Key Steps to Creating LGBT Diversity Training

The development and execution of LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion training have many layers and must be undertaken with a clear plan and objective in mind. Each training pathway will be different from business to business, but there are some key steps that all businesses or companies must carry out. These include gathering quality resources, evaluating existing policies, extending the effect of the training beyond company policy, involving LGBTQ+ employees, and using high-quality training programs such as the program offered by EasyLlama.

1 - Gather Up To Date and Appropriate Resources

It is important to make sure that when you begin creating a diversity training plan for your company or business you are using up to date, verified, and appropriate resources. If you are using information that is out of date, you will be impacting the quality of the LGBTQ+ training you are providing. Researching LGBTQ+ issues and gathering the necessary resources is an opportunity to compare current training methods to the ones used in your company or business.

2 - Evaluate Existing Policies in Your Business and Others

Evaluating your current policies on LGBTQ+ inclusion and comparing these policies to the information gathered in the previous step is key to understanding where improvement is most required. A wide range of policies should be considered, including gender-neutral dress codes, unisex or gender-neutral toilets, the incorporation of gender-neutral language, and support networks for those who have faced difficulties due to homophobia or any other anti-LGBTQ+ abuse. If you find that other businesses or companies have certain policies that you do not have, evaluate why this policy is missing and if/how it should be incorporated.

3 - Work Beyond Simple Policy Change

Some of the biggest benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace are your company is actively seeking new perspectives, different opinions, and changes in the way companies and businesses work. LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion training must go beyond the simple, one-time introduction and updating of policies in your company or business. One method of extending the impact of your LGBTQ+ diversity training is to celebrate key historical days or events that exist within the community - for example, Trans Day of Visibility, or Pride. These celebrated events can also be utilized as learning opportunities for employees, where awareness of LGBTQ+ issues is raised and the community is actively supported.

4 - Involve LGBTQ+ Employees in the Process

It is vital to make sure that you include your LGBTQ+ employees in the process of creating your LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion training. They will have personal insight and experiences that can help to ensure that training is thorough enough and covers all of the necessary areas. It is also important to be aware, however, that not all employees will want to be involved in the process. Ensure that employees do not feel pressured to contribute, and compensate them for their time and effort given to help work on these different initiatives.

5 - Deliver Effective Training

Make sure that the training you deliver is of a high standard, is well thought out, and focuses on genuine inclusion. At EasyLlama, we provide thorough and high-quality employee training for diversity, sensitivity, and inclusion. Training must be made available to everyone within your business or company, and inclusion-based policy needs to cover all levels of employment. Remote training (a service that EasyLlama provides) can help ensure that this is achieved. Regularly re-evaluate policies and re-train employees to check that the training you are delivering is having the desired effect.

Through including these key steps in developing LGBTQ+ diversity training, you will be able to deliver information and develop healthy inclusivity within your business or company. EasyLlama is dedicated to assisting with this process through effective training.

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