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Diversity and Inclusion Training that Elevates Workplace Culture and Performance

We provide modern training on creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Starting at only $19.95/training, it is fully engaging and interactive, through interactional bite-sized episodes designed to be watched on any device.


Diversity training is essential for successful organizations

Studies show diverse organizations are better places to work, 19% more profitable, and better able to respond to customer needs. Our courses offer realistic, practical guidelines for creating an inclusive, respectful workplace and addresses some of divers

Diversity and Inclusion Training that Excites and Engages Your Team

Our courses are written by HR and DEI experts and cover topics that are relevant to today's society. Provide employees with engaging training that promotes a safe, inclusive, and equitable work environment for all.
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Modern quality training
Fully interactive, compliant and frequently updated
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As low as $19.95 for employees and supervisors
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We make it easy for all of your employees and contractors to get trained (Magic Links)
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Reduce security threats by only allowing our website to be accessed
No setup fees
No surprises or hidden fees, you only pay for what you need
Bulk employees upload
Easily integrate a CSV file to upload all organizational personnel
Bulk certificates export
Effortlessly export bulk certificates with a click of a button.
Location segmentation
Easily segment your workers to specific locations
Classroom mode (group training)
Flexible training options allow you to achieve compliance easily
Access to SOC 2 report
Safeguard your business's interests and client privacy
Unlimited admin users
Assign admin controls to different users across the platform

Modern And Engaging DE&I Online Course

EasyLlama is shaking up the status quo with training courses inspired by the content consumption habits of modern learners. Our best-in-class, interactive, and engaging courses keep learners engaged, promoting knowledge retention.

We Create Modern and Engaging Content that Meets the Challenges of Today’s Workplace

Your employees and supervisors will discover how to be more aware of discrimination, bias in the workplace, and start to reap the [benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce]( Here are some of the topics covered in our course:
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