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California Harassment Training Online Free Resources Versus EasyLlama: Which One Should You Choose?

Harassment & Discrimination

California Harassment Training Online Free Resources Versus EasyLlama: Which One Should You Choose?

There has been a distressing amount of sexual harassment allegations plaguing the headlines recently. In the wake of the #Metoo movement, the corporate culture has been shaken to its core. This has led California to require companies and employers to train their employees on the laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) provides California harassment training online free but in this article, we're going to show you why the outdated course is not worth the headache. Then, we'll go over all the reasons why employers should choose EasyLlama's California sexual harassment training resource instead.

According to the California AB 1825 law, it mandates two hours of sexual harassment training every two years for all supervisors and managers. This law was expanded upon with Senate Bill 396 which requires employers to train supervisors on how to identify and prevent harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

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The need for sexual harassment training at the workplace

You see, the core purpose of sexual harassment training is to create a work environment where all employees, regardless of gender, race, or age and feel safe as well as can thrive at their jobs. The training helps companies begin the process of correcting behavior and reinforce a positive corporate culture.

Proactive sexual harassment training protects both the employees and employers. It is a smart way to ensure the comfort and safety of all employees in the workplace. All employers should provide sexual harassment training to:

  • Safeguard against unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior of the employees, including managers and supervisors towards other employees.
  • Equip the probable victims of sexual harassment with knowledge of recognizing what constitutes harassment in California and empowering them to report the cases to management.
  • Enable employees to work together towards a common goal to build a community.
  • Convey to the employees that the employers care about them and that they can take the proper steps to deal with cases of harassment.

Ultimate Guide To State And Local Harassment Prevention Training Requirements

Download the guide outlining all the state and local laws around sexual harassment prevention training requirements.

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Negative Features of DFEH California harassment training

As California law requires all employers of 5 or more employees to conduct sexual harassment training, the DFEH harassment training provides material that includes types of sexual harassment violations with practical examples of each depending on gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. Here are the negative features of the free training.


  • The biggest disadvantage of the DFEH sponsored training is that the training module does NOT save your progress. So, if you refresh or reload the page, you lose your progress, and you will have to restart.
  • The DFEH training cannot also be integrated into other HR software. The training material provided is only licensed to DFEH and does not allow the duplication, distribution, reproduction, or ingestion of the training material into third-party systems.
  • It provides a certificate of completion at the end of the training where one is required to save, print, take a photo of, or screenshot of the certificate. DFEH does not email a replacement certificate just in case one loses their certificate.

Key features of EasyLlama training

EasyLlama is an online platform that provides interactive training videos suitable for workers on the go and a great platform to ensure that your company complies with and is up-to-date with the latest training laws and regulations. It would be best if you chose EasyLlama because:

It is easy to use

EasyLlama works on any device and does not require the users to log in to access the platform. It can send links for training through emails or texts to the employees. This is especially convenient for companies with many employees. The users can also stop/pause and later pick up from where they left off without losing their progress. The software is compatible with most mobile devices, and people can do the training on the go.

Different training modes

EasyLlama provides "classroom-mode training" for people who prefer to do the training in person or do not have access to mobile devices. The "kiosk mode" allows people to do the training on a shared device by selecting their names and starting the training immediately.

Training in different languages

An important selling feature of EasyLlama is its multilingual accessibility. The training is available in over 100 languages, including Spanish, English, French, Greek, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese. With the Hispanics being the largest ethnic group in California, for example, the fact that the training can be offered in Spanish ensures and improves comprehension of the subject matter for the Spanish-speaking employees.

Tracking of training progress and completion

EasyLlama enables the users to save and print their certificates of completion once they complete the training. The link can also be sent again to anyone who loses their link. The platform has a 'due date' feature with smart reminders that ensure that the employees receive notifications until they fully complete their assigned training.

It also prompts and lets the administration know when someone needs the training again after two years. This provides in-depth tracking, especially for agencies with a lot of employees.

User-friendly software

EasyLLama is easy to set up, and one can start using the platform within 5 minutes of installation. The training is interactive, and one can get questions to answers by simply texting the question. The software also integrates seamlessly with HRIS software, saving time and providing good and quality customer service.

Flexibility in use

Unlike the free training offered by DFEH, where you would have to sit through the full 2 hours to complete the training session, EasyLlama allows you to do the training bit by bit without any rush, making the training more manageable. This is a great feature for mobile workers who can do the training remotely as it is compatible with most mobile devices, including smartphones. This allows the users to pay close attention to the content and understand it.

Good pricing

EasyLlama does not require one to pay a setup fee. It uses a credit system, and it is always one credit for training regardless of which the users choose.

The benefits of using EasyLlama

If you are still thinking about using the California harassment training online free resources... take a look at how EasyLlama could make your life a lot easier.

Seamless training of all employees

This software is suitable for companies with many employees and makes it possible to manage the training of all the employees, track their progress until completion. The administrators can also easily add employees to the platform and assign individual training, all from a mobile device. As most of the free training is provided by the state with no software or clunky ones at best, the choice to use EasyLlama is the only logical solution.

The platform allows the administrators to directly send the links to the employees via text messages for those without email addresses, as is usually the case with companies that employ temporary or seasonal employees.

Avoid lawsuits by being compliant

By providing comprehensive sexual harassment training, you are sure to avoid a harassment lawsuit in your company. California is among the states that require formal sexual harassment training to be conducted for company employees. As such, employers need a platform that has relevant content with easy accessibility. For those that have to meet the California sexual harassment training deadline of when to be compliant, EasyLlama is great because it is easy and fast to set up and use.

Create a safe and better workspace for everyone

Harassment of any kind in the workplace breeds low employee morale, low productivity, and lawsuits follow right after. A good workplace culture, free of sexual harassment, is the employers' legal obligation and ethical responsibility.

EasyLlama's online workplace compliance training is designed for all employees. The training courses are created by HR experts and are designed to teach employees how to identify sexual harassment, their rights at a workplace and internal and external complaint procedures. It also offers training to supervisors and managers separately about sexual harassment and how to deal with complaints and handle the employees.

It suitable for all sized companies

Whether your company has less than 50 employees or more than 250 employees, EasyLlama training software can be customized to fit any number of users. Its interactive training feature allows all employees to do the training in a fun way and conveniently. It is great for those companies that need sexual training urgently as it is easy to set up and can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.


By completing the EasyLlama harassment training session, one is equipped with the knowledge to identify harassment and how to respond to it. It also helps people check their own behavior and recognize it if it is inappropriate. It helps them curb their behavior and gets them thinking about conducting themselves with respect towards others.

The benefits of sexual harassment training extend beyond the workplace. People are able to start conversations on general good conduct towards others and improve the quality of life of everyone involved.

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