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Human Trafficking Awareness training for your workforce

EasyLlama provides human trafficking training that will educate employees on recognizing the signs of trafficking and knowing how to report it. This course will provide your employees with the information they need to help spot and potentially prevent human trafficking in your workplace.

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Helping over 8,000+ organizations create a safer, more inclusive company culture.


We make it seamless to train your employees to be aware of the signs of Human trafficking and know how to prevent it

Awareness is key in the prevention of human trafficking. Therefore, it is vital to educate employees on recognizing the signs of trafficking and knowing how to report.


Human Trafficking Prevention Training Relevant To Your Employees

Relatable videos and quizzes, accessible online 24/7, inspired by the content consumption habits of modern learners in mind. Making them relevant to your employees and supporting a positive culture that boosts safety, employee loyalty, and positive workplace culture.

We Create Modern and Engaging Courses that Meets the Challenges of Today’s Workplace

EasyLlama’s online human trafficking training helps to instill a safety and security in each and every employee, and as a result, boosts companies reputation as a whole. The course discusses:


Define human trafficking


Explain the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling


List ways to identify human trafficking


Describe the potential victims of human trafficking


Recognize the signs of human trafficking


List the myths associated with human trafficking


Describe why certain industries are more prone to human trafficking than others


Cite the various resources for reporting human trafficking


Explain what to look out for as it relates to the hospitality industry

Make Sure Everyone Is Certified

Our courses meet all the latest state and federal laws ensuring your company remains protected, so you can rest easy in case of an audit. Engaging content promotes employee understanding and retention, greatly reducing your risk of a workplace incident.

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Here’s What Sets Us Apart

As a leader in online workplace training and compliance, our mission is to make it fast, easy, and painless to use our software. We've done all the hard work, so you don't have to.

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Available in over 100 languages - English & Spanish standard

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The Best Human Trafficking Prevention Training Available

You need a modern training solution in place, today. Use EasyLlama and get your whole team trained as soon as the end of the day. No other solution is quicker or easier.

Self-Paced Online training course

Compliance training content gets a bad reputation for being boring, not culturally fluent, and cheesy with bad acting and unrealistic scenarios. Employees remain inattentive and unengaged, delaying the completion of the training courses.

Self-Paced Online training course

Mobile-friendly, Learn On The go

Not only can EasyLlama courses be assigned through both email and text, but trainings are fully mobile-friendly. This allows employees to complete courses, wherever they might be, boosting completion rates and ensuring compliance.

Mobile-friendly, Learn On The go

Finally an interactive course with Real-Life scenarios

Our course content is crafted on scenarios that we could see in the real-world. This helps employees resonate with the material presented, which increases the retention of information and helps promote appropriate workplace behavior so your employees can remain focused and productive.

Finally an interactive course with Real-Life scenarios

As low as $12.95 per employee Training!


Step 1

Choose the right training and get started in just a few minutes

Add new employees seamlessly via CSV import, HRIS and ATS integrations, or utilize the self-signup link sent via email or text message. EasyLlama makes employee training fast, easy, and painless.


Step 2

Easily manage your training in one intuitive dashboard

Track individual progress, assign different versions to supervisors and staff, and access completion certificates in an easy-to-use platform. No complex learning curve that takes time away from your team. Hit the ground running with one intuitive dashboard.


Step 3

Offer your employees an engaging HR training experience from any device

Fully mobile-friendly trainings allow learners to complete courses whether they are in the field or at a desk. This eliminates the need for scheduling specific times to learn, giving the team flexibility and boosting completion rates.

Get Started In Just 5 minutes

See how EasyLlama can support your organizational goals and help build a safe and inclusive company culture

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