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The Smart Way to Train Your Team on Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness Training

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The Smart Way to Train Your Team on Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness Training

We provide award-winning training that is engaging and compliant, through interactive bite-sized episodes designed to be watched on the go. Starting at only $12.95/training for employees, contractors and supervisors. Watch the video

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Cactus Llama

Anyone who could be "reasonably anticipated" to face regular exposure to blood as a result of performing their job duties needs to provide OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens training

We make it seamless to certify employees and know who completed mandatory training. We make sure that you are covered if any issue arises or in case of an inspection.

The EasyLlama Difference

Our courses are written by Safety and HR experts and meet the latest OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens requirements.

OSHA Compliance Training Does Not Have To Be Boring

Real-life and relatable videos and quizzes, accessible online 24/7. Speaks to everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers and beyond. Divided into 5-10 minutes micro-sessions that are educative and entertaining.

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We Create Modern and Engaging Content that Meets the Challenges of Today’s Workplace

EasyLlama’s compliance training courses help both general employees and supervisors make sense of laws and regulations around the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The course covers:

  • Define bloodborne pathogens

  • Identify the bloodborne pathogens of primary concern

  • Recognize workplace risks of bloodborne pathogens exposure

  • Describe the importance of personal protective equipment in reducing the risk of bloodborne pathogens transmission

  • Identify methods for eliminating and reducing risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace

  • Details the procedures following an exposure to bloodborne pathogens, the post-exposure evaluation, and follow up.

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Great program. Easy to follow, and engaging. Not too long, or boring. Easy to stop and start. Up to date work related topics in today’s work cultures. Pleasant program. Thank you!

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Katherine G.
EasyLlama trainee


WOW! Didn't expect this to be so easy to use, I literally got started in 5 minutes... I love the content as well, it has quizzes, real-life videos and the Llama theme makes it really interactive and engaging.

Amy B.
Reviewer on SHRM


I love this product. It saved our practice when we were in urgent need of compliance training and it's been the easiest thing to use.

5-star review

The Best OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training Available

You need a modern training solution in place, today. Use EasyLLama and get your whole staff compliant as soon as the end of the day. No other solution is quicker or easier.

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  • Meets the latest OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training regulations

    Training can get complicated with Federal, State, and even local laws are involved - we make it Easy

  • Works for all Employees and Supervisors

    Our course educates both employees and supervisors on workplace safety. Even better, your employees do not need an email address or complex login credentials. Just send them the training link!

  • Increases awareness of bloodborne pathogens issues

    An effective occupational safety and health training program can result in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale, and lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

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