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The Smart Way To Train Your Team on Human Trafficking Awareness in the Workplace

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The Smart Way To Train Your Team on Human Trafficking Awareness in the Workplace

EasyLlama provides human trafficking training that will educate employees on recognizing the signs of trafficking and knowing how to report. This course will provide your employees with the information they need to help spot and potentially prevent human trafficking in your workplace.

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Awareness is key in the prevention of human trafficking. Therefore, it is vital to educate employees on recognizing the signs of trafficking and knowing how to report.

Human trafficking can happen to anyone and in any industry. However, traffickers tend to take advantage of the privacy and anonymity of the hospitality industry. Hotels, motels, cruise ships, and other areas of tourism are frequent places where traffickers prey on victims.

Human Trafficking Prevention Training Relevant To Your Employees

Relatable videos and quizzes, accessible online 24/7, inspired by the content consumption habits of modern learners in mind. Making them relevant to your employees and supporting a positive culture that boosts safety, employee loyalty, and positive workplace culture.

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EasyLlama’s online human trafficking training helps to instill a safety and security in each and every employee, and as a result, boosts companies reputation as a whole. The course discusses:

  • Define human trafficking

  • Explain the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling

  • List ways to identify human trafficking

  • Describe the potential victims of human trafficking

  • Recognize the signs of human trafficking

  • List the myths associated with human trafficking

  • Describe why certain industries are more prone to human trafficking than others

  • Cite the various resources for reporting human trafficking

  • Explain what to look out for as it relates to the hospitality industry

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Great program. Easy to follow, and engaging. Not too long, or boring. Easy to stop and start. Up to date work related topics in today’s work cultures. Pleasant program. Thank you!

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WOW! Didn't expect this to be so easy to use, I literally got started in 5 minutes... I love the content as well, it has quizzes, real-life videos and the Llama theme makes it really interactive and engaging.

Amy B.
Reviewer on SHRM


I love this product. It saved our practice when we were in urgent need of compliance training and it's been the easiest thing to use.

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