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Efficient and Interactive HIPAA Compliance Training To Avoid Fines

Clients’ perceptions of your business greatly depend on how you handle their private and sensitive healthcare information. Get an engaging and interactive HIPAA course for employees, contractors, and supervisors.

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Who Needs HIPAA Compliance Training?

All executives, managers, employees, providers, administrative staff, and anyone else who might be involved in handling protected health information on behalf of a covered entity should receive training on the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule.


Modern And Engaging HIPAA Online Course

EasyLlama is shaking up the status quo with training courses inspired by the content consumption habits of modern learners. Our best-in-class, interactive, and engaging courses keep learners engaged, promoting knowledge retention.

We Create Modern and Engaging Content that Meets the Challenges of Today’s Workplace

EasyLlama’s HIPAA compliance training provides an in-depth examination of how to respond to a breach of confidential data and the best way to protect your patients. The course covers:


Define HIPAA law


Identify Protected Health Information (PHI)


Describe rights granted to individuals according to HIPAA


Recognize how HIPAA applies to Covered Entities and Business Associates


Differentiate between the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notification Rule


Explain best practices for how and when to use PHI and how to avoid an ePHI data breach


Explore Penalties for Violations


Limits for Marketing and Fundraising

Make Sure Everyone Is Certified

Our courses meet all the latest state and federal laws ensuring your company remains protected, so you can rest easy in case of an audit. Engaging content promotes employee understanding and retention, greatly reducing your risk of a workplace incident.

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Here’s What Sets Us Apart

As a leader in online workplace training and compliance, our mission is to make it fast, easy, and painless to use our software. We've done all the hard work, so you don't have to.

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Available in over 100 languages - English & Spanish standard

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The Most Advanced HIPAA Training on the Market

The ground-breaking course from EasyLlama overcomes the stigma attached to conventional compliance training and incorporates state-of-the-art solutions to accelerate and simplify compliance training.

Self-paced course perfect for busy healthcare employees

Compliance training has a bad reputation for being dull, corny, and endlessly long which causes employees to be inattentive and unengaged. Watch completion rates soar with EasyLlama’s bite-sized lessons that work perfectly for healthcare professionals with busy schedules.

Self-paced course perfect for busy healthcare employees

Mobile-friendly for healthcare professionals on-the-go

EasyLlama courses be assigned through email and text but if an employee does not have access to a company email, they can still receive their training at any time thanks to a magic link provided by EasyLlama. This allows healthcare workers to complete courses wherever they might be, boosting completion rates and ensuring compliance.

Mobile-friendly for healthcare professionals on-the-go

Real-Time Tracking and Send a Reminder with a Click

The user-friendly EasyLlama platform seamlessly syncs with your existing workflow thanks to an optimized user interface and HRIS integration. You can assign various training courses, access certifications, and track the development of your team. You can also send reminders to employees who have not yet completed their training with a simple click of a button.

Real-Time Tracking and Send a Reminder with a Click

As low as $12.95 per employee Training!


Step 1

Choose the right training and get started in just a few minutes

Add new employees seamlessly via CSV import, HRIS and ATS integrations, or utilize the self-signup link sent via email or text message. EasyLlama makes employee training fast, easy, and painless.


Step 2

Easily manage your training in one intuitive dashboard

Track individual progress, assign different versions to supervisors and staff, and access completion certificates in an easy-to-use platform. No complex learning curve that takes time away from your team. Hit the ground running with one intuitive dashboard.


Step 3

Offer your employees an engaging HR training experience from any device

Fully mobile-friendly trainings allow learners to complete courses whether they are in the field or at a desk. This eliminates the need for scheduling specific times to learn, giving the team flexibility and boosting completion rates.

Get Started In Just 5 minutes

See how EasyLlama can support your organizational goals and help build a safe and inclusive company culture

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