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Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements
As of January 1, 2020, the IHRA requires Illinois employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training annually. Also, restaurants and bars must establish and disseminate a written policy on sexual harassment within the first week of an individual’s hire and provide supplemental, industry-specific sexual harassment prevention training. EasyLlama is here to help you comply with these latest changes.
Who needs to be trained?

All employers and employees, including workers at all bars and restaurants, must have sexual harassment policies and prevention training.

How long does the training need to be?

There are currently no duration requirements for sexual harassment training in Illinois, except for the City of Chicago.

The City of Chicago: Employers must provide 1 hour of sexual harassment prevention training for all employees, 2 hours for supervisors and managers, and 1 hour of bystander training for all employees annually(starting July 1, 2022). For nonsupervisory employees, the training duration requirement is 1 hour.

How often do employees need to be trained?

Employers must provide training to each employee in Illinois once a year.

What is required to be covered to be compliant?
  • The definition of sexual harassment
  • Examples of conduct that constitute unlawful sexual harassment
  • Additional Requirements for Restaurants and Bars: The law requires all bars and restaurants to provide employees a written sexual harassment policy in English and Spanish within the first calendar week of employment, and supplemental training in English and Spanish.
  • And more!
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