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Unconscious Bias Quiz: Are You Unconsciously Discriminating People?

Biases are quite a common occurrence at workplaces, and they can usually be determined by using an unconscious bias quiz. Prejudice and bias may prevent future employees from expressing their skills and attitudes to their full potential. Here are 10+ examples that commonly appear in an unconscious bias quiz.

Unconscious Bias Quiz: Are You Unconsciously Discriminating People?
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    Gender Bias

    Two CVs are sent for the position of laboratory manager. Both Individuals are white and 22 years of age, with identical grades and similar experiences and references. One is male and one is female. Who is likelier to get the position?

  • 2

    Beauty Bias

    During salary negotiations, two people with the same skills on their CV are trying for a higher salary. The only difference between them is the fact that one is more socially beautiful than the other. Who is more likely to get a raise?

  • 3

    Name Bias

    Two individuals with the same skill set, attitudes, and experience are applying for the post of research manager. The only difference between the two is that one individual has an Anglo-sounding name, whereas the other has a non-Anglo-sounding name. Is this an example of implicit bias?

  • 4

    Age Bias

    A person aged 47 applies for a promotion along with a few other younger colleagues. The aged person has more experience and seniority but was denied the promotion in favor of a younger individual who had a lower skill set. Can this be seen as prejudice?