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Identifying Symptoms of a Hostile Work Environment

Companies must prioritize eliminating harassment and discrimination in the workplace or it could lead to a hostile work environment, negatively impacting employee retention and reputation. Let’s go over a few symptoms of a hostile work environment to watch out for in your organization.

Identifying Symptoms of a Hostile Work Environment
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  • 1

    Hostile Behavior Goes Beyond an Annoyance

    How severe must behavior be to be classified as hostile?

  • 2

    Hostile Behavior is Intimidating or Offensive

    What is considered offensive or threatens the victim's safety?

  • 3

    Hostile Behavior is Persistent

    How frequently does the hostile behavior take place?

  • 4

    Hostile Behavior Can Be Teasing

    Can a teasing joke be considered hostile behavior?

  • 5

    Hostile Behavior Can Be Targeted - Or Not

    Must a hostile behavior specifically target a victim?

  • 6

    Hostile Behavior is Hostile to the “Reasonable Person”

    What is the reasonable person standard for evaluating hostile behavior?