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How to Report Harassment at Work for Employees

As an employee, you have a right to a workplace free from sexual harassment, and your employer has a legal responsibility to investigate and take corrective action if necessary. These are the steps to take if you experience or witness sexual harassment in the workplace.

How to Report Harassment at Work for Employees
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  • 1

    Check your Handbook

    Who should you report to?

  • 2

    Compile Evidence

    What evidence of harassment do you have?

  • 3

    File with the EEOC

    Are you required to file with your employer before the EEOC?

  • 4

    Investigation is Conducted

    How does an investigation work?

  • 5

    Witness Interviews

    Who might be interviewed?

  • 6

    Corrective Action

    What does corrective action look like?