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Workplace Bullying

Bullying is a malicious act committed by an employee in the workplace that another individual finds offensive. Typically, these acts have nothing to do with the company's legitimate business interests. Abusive behavior may include repeated verbal abuse, lewd comments, or one-sided jokes. A single act may not establish an arbitrary routine unless it is particularly dangerous and unfortunate.

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What is Bullying?

What is Bullying?

Bullying in the workplace comes in many forms but it does not include reasonable administrative action taken to direct and control how the work is done, monitor workflow, and provide feedback on workplace performance. The exercise of legitimate authority, which is managed in a professional and valuable manner, cannot be classified as bullying. A supervisor defining particular requirements and giving assets that are expected to be met is not a bully.

Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse occurs when negative statements are routinely directed towards an employee with the intent of belittling, devaluing, humiliating, embarrassing, or otherwise negatively affecting the employee. This may include mocking, yelling, making threats, or spreading rumors about an employee in an attempt to damage their reputation.

Non-Verbal and Visual Abuse

Non-Verbal and Visual Abuse

This type of workplace bullying occurs when an employee is harassed with visual images or physical gestures. It may include sending videos or photos using electronic media to another employee who finds the material offensive. It may also include offensive or lewd physical images or posters displaying insight of the employee, posted in common work areas, or shown directly to the employee.

Physical Assault

Physical Assault

As the most clearly defined form of harassment in the workplace, physical assault involves any form of attempted or completed unwanted physical contact against an employee. While it may be violent in nature and clearly identifiable, physical assault can also include more covert behaviors, such as threatening physical assault, restricting or blocking someone’s movement (even without directly touching them), or unwanted grazing of body parts.

Cyber Abuse

Cyber Abuse

Cyber abuse refers to harassment that occurs primarily on social media, office communications networks, email, or even phone networks. This abuse may include posting or sharing negative things about an employee via the internet, posting unwanted comments on an employee’s social media posts, or using email servers and phone systems to harass an employee.

Here are the indications that you are in an abusive work condition:

Abusive Work Conditions

  1. You dread going to work. You attempt to manipulate timetables to avoid the perpetrator, or you call out of work feeling debilitated.
  2. You are overwhelmed by dodging the bully. Pressure and fear rise at whatever point the bully comes around.
  3. Your time and vitality are drained from coping with the abuse and its impact on you; therefore, you cannot work appropriately in your professional job.
  4. No one offers you help out of the fear of gaining tongue-lashing or other retribution from the bully.
  5. You invest an excessive amount of energy talking discreetly with associates about the bully's behavior.
  6. When you complain to management, no action is taken. Your associates, all in all, accept that management is endorsing the abuse.
  7. You invest your energy fantasizing about or even actively seeking a way out. Meanwhile, you feel disempowered and might also feel compelled to leave work that you may otherwise appreciate under normal conditions.

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