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The Top Future Trends In The Workplace

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The Top Future Trends In The Workplace

There are many lessons that COVID-19 has taught us, but perhaps one of the longest-lasting ones is the lesson that the landscape of the workplace has dramatically changed.

While the notion of working remotely was often scorned by many industries, COVID-19 has demonstrated the value of this mode of working. At the same time, the demands placed on in-person work are increasing due to a shrinking workforce and shifting industry marketplaces.

Seeing how 2020 has shaped the workplace, it is starting to become clear what many of the HR trends in the future workplace will be like.

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Future Trends In The Workplace

It should come as no surprise that information technology is continuing to prove itself as one of the quickest growing industries worldwide. Regardless of what another industry does, that industry almost certainly relies on information technology to enable the industry to grow and reach new clients and customers. Much of the work done in IT spaces is done by individuals, and in many cases, those individuals do not work together on a regular basis. Therefore, group interactions run the risk of being tainted by interpersonal struggles.

Another major growing trend in the industry is the understanding that diversity in the workforce leads to more productive workplaces. In the past decade, there has been a growing push toward inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity in the workplace. Many companies have recognized that older working environments did not actively acknowledge or promote the inherent (and tremendously positive) differences between individuals. Thankfully, the trend in the workplace is toward creating safe spaces where an individual's history matters, and is valued. Most employers now recognize that by creating a diverse workforce, celebrating diversity, and creating opportunities based on diversity, a company will have much more success than those run under older, outdated models.

Interestingly enough, given these two trends in the modern workplace, very few companies have been able to integrate the modalities of information technology with the modalities of diversity and inclusion. Even as employers recognize the value of cultural competence, sensitivity, and inclusion, many employers rely on older, less effective methods for communicating the principles of diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity. In many cases, this means that a company would host "seminars" on these topics, and employees would be forced to sit through lectures.

But, what if a company was able to integrate the very best communication practices that IT offers, while creating and updating a curriculum for diversity and inclusivity training? What would that do for a company looking to expand its workforce and horizons?

A New Hope To Train Employees

Thankfully, such a company does exist. EasyLlama ( is a company that specializes in training programs for other companies. More importantly, EasyLlama writes training programs that can be completed online, on almost any device. EasyLlama has also just released a training program on diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity. This program is affordable, up-to-date with the latest topics and methods for teaching diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity. It is also set up to run on mobile devices, meaning that employees can complete the program at their own pace.

Another major benefit of the diversity and inclusion training offered by EasyLlama is that they provide the employer with tools to integrate employees into the training program. These tools will track employee progress and can add new courses for employees as they become available. It can also send reminders to employees about their training requirements. The program will also automatically add new employees and can delete inactive employees, freeing up the employer to focus on the strategic aspects of the business, rather than the day-to-day checklists of running a training program.

As workplaces and industries move more towards IT-based careers and a workforce that is diverse, inclusive and sensitive, companies like EasyLlama are positioned to help transition toward this more mobile, diverse, productive workforce. Check out the website to see what solutions EasyLlama can offer your company. From modern training programs that can run on employees' mobile devices to logistics support, EasyLlama is ready to meet your training needs with innovative, cost-effective programs that will transform your workforce. You owe it to yourself, and your employees to work with EasyLlama to create a diverse, growing workforce that is able to meet the challenges of the workplace of tomorrow. You will be glad that you did!

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