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Small Businesses Need Exceptional Results

Small businesses need exceptional results to thrive, but achieving those results can be challenging without the right tools and resources. EasyLlama is here to help by providing exceptional training that engages employees and helps them stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.

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Build a Safe and Inclusive Workplace Culture

Building a safe and inclusive workplace culture is crucial for small businesses to attract and retain top talent, as well as foster a positive and productive work environment. At EasyLlama, we believe that workplace culture begins with comprehensive training that promotes inclusion, diversity, and respect. Our platform offers a wide range of courses designed to help you build a culture that values and celebrates differences.

Ensure Compliance and Minimize Risk

Staying in compliance can be tough for small businesses without a legal department or lawyer on retainer. EasyLlama courses were created by HR and legal experts, hence our courses meet and even exceed state and federal requirements. With EasyLlama, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are staying in compliance without having to worry about the details.

Improves Culture & Productivity

Creating a positive workplace culture can be a daunting task for small businesses. Though workplace training, you can instill a sense of commitment and loyalty in your employees, thereby improving job satisfaction and even attracting new talent. Our comprehensive training courses are designed to help your team feel valued and appreciated for their contributions, which can increase motivation and engagement in the workplace.
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Why Leading Companies Use EasyLlama

They aligned with our mission immediately. We just jumped into the Enterprise platform of EasyLlama and we have unlimited access to all of the trainings. The fact that we're able to have engagement and folks actually react and give us positive feedback tells me that there is something to learn and that is worthwhile for folks.

Michael Z.

Sr. Director of People, Talent & Culture, GLAAD, Enterprise Client

Llama Features

Features & Integrations

Say goodbye to manual data entry for compliance training. With EasyLlama, simply upload your organizational staff using a CSV file, and they'll be ready to take our courses. We also integrate seamlessly with your preferred HRIS technologies, so you can easily manage employee training within your existing process.

Quality Training At A Great Price

EasyLlama offers an affordable subscription model that provides year-round compliance training for small businesses. Our subscriptions start at just $19.95 per license, and you can purchase additional licenses in increments of 5 at any time. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription as your staff grows and changes. With EasyLlama, you can get started quickly and easily - there are no fees to begin, and most small businesses can set up their employees and start training within a few hours.

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