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Empower your employees with EasyLlama's workplace training solution designed to enhance engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Streamline HR processes, save time, and drive excellence within your organization.

Challenges for HR

Over 50% of employees have experienced situations where they felt psychologically unsafe at work. Foster a positive work environment, prevent harassment, and reduce turnover through comprehensive harassment and discrimination prevention training.

Shift Company Culture with EasyLlama

Transform behaviors and understanding of harassment with engaging and Hollywood-produced training videos. Empower employees to prevent, identify, and report workplace harassment effectively.

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Watch completion rates soar with EasyLlama’s automatic email reminders. Continue tackling other priorities as employees are automatically reminded to complete their training to uphold organizational compliance.

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Why Leading Companies Use EasyLlama

They aligned with our mission immediately. We just jumped into the Enterprise platform of EasyLlama and we have unlimited access to all of the trainings. The fact that we're able to have engagement and folks actually react and give us positive feedback tells me that there is something to learn and that is worthwhile for folks.

Michael Z.

Sr. Director of People, Talent & Culture, GLAAD, Enterprise Client

Helping over 8,000+ organizations create a safer, more inclusive company culture.

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