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Empower Diversity, Foster Inclusivity

As a dedicated leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), you play a vital role in nurturing an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can truly thrive. EasyLlama's advanced workplace training solution is your key to bridging diversity gaps and empowering your workforce like never before.

Navigating DE&I Challenges

The dynamic landscape of diversity and inclusion presents unique challenges. Your mission is to identify diversity gaps and implement effective strategies for positive change. EasyLlama is your ally, providing essential tools to tackle these challenges with confidence.

Transform Company Culture with Inclusive Training

Empower your organization to thrive by embracing diversity and inclusion. EasyLlama's comprehensive training helps reduce workplace discrimination, fosters innovation, and enhances your company's public image.

Supercharge your workflow

Features that Drive Success

Gain valuable insights through intuitive in-training employee surveys, allowing you to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Practice Inclusive Recruiting

Attracting and hiring diverse candidates necessitates a thoughtful recruitment strategy. Our interviewing and hiring training courses, combined with comprehensive diversity training, equip you with the knowledge to follow anti-discriminatory best practices and legal requirements. With EasyLlama, you can develop a proactive approach to diversity and inclusion, creating a workplace culture that celebrates uniqueness and fosters belonging.

Different Modes of Learning for Everyone

  • Online Training

    Say farewell to uninspiring training methods. EasyLlama's expertly crafted courses are designed to captivate your employees with up-to-date compliance information and captivating Hollywood-produced videos.

  • Kiosk Mode

    Streamlines access for your employees by providing a single, convenient link for them to use. Say goodbye to email notifications! This feature is especially valuable for learners who don't have work emails or primarily use shared devices to access their courses.

  • Classroom Mode

    Deliver the same individual courses in a collaborative classroom setting. An administrator guides the session, clicking through the course content, completing activities, and quizzes, while presenting to the classroom audience.

Why Leading Companies Use EasyLlama

They aligned with our mission immediately. We just jumped into the Enterprise platform of EasyLlama and we have unlimited access to all of the trainings. The fact that we're able to have engagement and folks actually react and give us positive feedback tells me that there is something to learn and that is worthwhile for folks.

Michael Z.

Sr. Director of People, Talent & Culture, GLAAD, Enterprise Client

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