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How to Spot and Report Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

Harassment is any unwanted behavior that is offensive and makes a person feel intimidated or humiliated, as it relates to protected characteristics. Restaurants can avoid these situations while minimizing their liability risk by being aware of the most prevalent forms of workplace harassment.

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What’s Inside

  1. CHAPTER 1

    What Is Considered Harassment?

    Define harassment, understand protected characteristics, and learn how restaurants can avoid a hostile work environment.

  2. CHAPTER 2

    Most Common Types of Harassment

    Learn more about the specific types of harassment and discrimination that are most common in the restaurant industry, including sexual harassment, microaggressions, bullying, quid pro quo, and more.

  3. CHAPTER 3

    Examples of Workplace Harassment

    Read about specific examples of workplace harassment in the food service industry, and how employers should address this behavior.

  4. CHAPTER 4

    Workplace Harassment Covered By Law

    Complex federal and state laws protect employees from certain types of harassment at work, including the legislation from the EEOC.

  5. CHAPTER 5

    Understanding Sexual Harassment Compliance Fines

    Read about legal cases from restaurants who failed to comply with harassment regulations, as well as the specific laws and fines within each U.S. state.

  6. CHAPTER 6

    Preventive Actions To Stop Workplace Harassment

    Learn how restaurants that invest time and effort to prevent unwelcome behaviors and protect their employees can demonstrate their concern in providing a harassment-free environment.


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