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Bystander Intervention Strategies in the Workplace: The Chicago Edition

Improve your workplace culture with bystander intervention training, specifically designed for Chicago employers. Annual bystander intervention training is required for all employees in the City of Chicago, which is the first ordinance of its kind in the U.S.

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What’s Inside

  1. CHAPTER 1

    What is Bystander Intervention?

    Discuss the definition of bystander intervention, learn about the research done on the bystander effect, and explore the risk vs. reward in these situations.

  2. CHAPTER 2

    Bystander Intervention Training in Chicago

    Understand the legal regulations regarding Bystander Intervention and Harassment Prevention training for City of Chicago employers, including 1 hour of bystander training for all employees annually.

  3. CHAPTER 3

    Types of Bystander Intervention

    There is never just one “right” or “correct” way to intervene as a bystander — there are usually several options available to you, so let's explore them.

  4. CHAPTER 4

    Engaging Your Resources

    Engaging your resources as a bystander can be a valuable option in certain situations when other forms of direct intervention might not be feasible or safe.

  5. CHAPTER 5

    Engaging Other Bystanders

    If you witness a situation that you’d like to intervene in but don’t feel confident stepping in by yourself, you can engage other bystanders to help you in your intervention.

  6. CHAPTER 6

    Engaging the Target

    There are many ways to engage the person who is being harassed as a bystander, including removing them from the situation, drawing their attention, or providing delayed support.

  7. CHAPTER 7

    Engaging the Perpetrator

    Some techniques for engaging the perpetrator include distracting them, removing them from the situation, and directly addressing their behavior.

  8. CHAPTER 8


    Learn more about de-escalation, a set of strategies for decreasing conflict. We'll explore how to identify situations that call for de-escalation, causes of escalation, and tactics for successful de-escalation.


The insights you need to understand bystander intervention in Chicago

Download this comprehensive eBook to better understand bystander intervention in the City of Chicago, annual training which is required by law for all employees.

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