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The Basics of HIPAA Rules & Regulations

Guarantee your patients' privacy when interacting with their sensitive data by identifying what is considered their Protected Health Information, the rules of HIPAA, and how to provide mandatory compliance training to healthcare workers.

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What’s Inside

  1. CHAPTER 1

    What is HIPAA?

    Learn more about how to guarantee patients' privacy when providers interact with sensitive patient data, also known as Protected Health Information (PHI).

  2. CHAPTER 2

    What is HIPAA Compliance?

    Understand the definitions of a covered entity or a business associate, as well as who is and isn’t required to comply with HIPAA.

  3. CHAPTER 3

    The Rules of HIPAA

    Read about the variety of HIPAA policies and procedures that are designed to improve the health care experience for patients.

  4. CHAPTER 4

    Your HIPAA Checklist

    Ensure that your organization is abiding by the proper HIPAA requirements with our helpful HIPAA compliance checklist.

  5. CHAPTER 5

    Training, Violations, and Reporting

    Discover the ins and outs of mandatory compliance training, the benefits of HIPAA certification, and how to report or respond to a violation.


The insights you need to understand HIPAA Compliance

Download the comprehensive guide to better understand the effects of HIPAA noncompliance and what you can do to protect your organization from a negative patient experience.

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