Bystander Intervention in the Workplace

There is a psychological term known as "The Bystander Effect." This term means that a nearby individual may feel no responsibility to take any action when they see an injustice being perpetrated. An active bystander is a person who intervenes after witnessing discrimination, harassment, or any other disrespectful conduct. A passive bystander takes no action at all.

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About Bystander Intervention

There are many reasons why individuals don't become involved when they see something taking place that they know is not right. Sometimes people wait until someone else steps in first. There is also a sense of fear for individuals because they are afraid that they will become the target themselves. In the workplace, being a passive bystander to sexual harassment or other inappropriate actions only creates a more toxic work environment.

There are many ways to intervene in a negative action happening between fellow employees. Remember, no action is the wrong action. Situations involving harassment, discrimination, or verbal abuse are all different. Therefore, active bystander intervention calls for different approaches. For this reason, intervention training in the workplace involving multiple bystander intervention strategies helps to transform your employee culture while creating active allies.

Bystander intervention Training

Bystander intervention Training

Bystander intervention training can help employees learn how to safely become active witnesses of injustice. By encouraging and preparing employees to take action when they witness harassing behavior, bystander intervention training will equip employees with the knowledge and education on when and how to intervene.

Through training such as EasyLlama, employees of all levels will learn how bystander intervention can protect fellow employees against harassment. Employees also have a better understanding that when you discourage harassing behavior, you help to prevent future incidents in the workplace.

Supporting Employees

Supporting Employees

Bystander intervention training in the workplace goes a long way to empower employees with the knowledge of how to address and prevent harassment. When employees are equipped with the right tools, they are more motivated to correctly stop harassment behavior before it escalates. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that with the proper instructions, bystander intervention training has a positive impact within the workplace. Intervention training in harassment incidents helps supervisors and employees of varying levels to learn how to create a positive environment and foster a collective sense of responsibility.

Equal Employment Opportunity “STOP” Harassment Slogan

Equal Employment Opportunity “STOP” Harassment Slogan

EasyLlama will also give you the keys to the Equal Employment Opportunity “STOP” harassment slogan.

STOP stands for the following:

S Stand close to the employee who is the target of harassment. In this way, the targeted employee will not feel alone or isolated. T Take notes when you see something. Writing down an incident helps you as a witness to remember the facts succinctly. O Offer your support to the employee being harassed. Like the famous quote says "when you see something, say something." P Proclaim or report the harassment to a supervisor or human resources as soon as possible. This will help to corroborate the report of the person being harassed.

Simple Examples for A Better Understanding

EasyLlama's experienced and expert trainers have created an online training based on the requirements established by state and federal guidelines. Our macro sessions are instructional and informative for Gen Zs, Baby Boomers, and beyond; these sessions are also available in English, Spanish and 100 other languages. EasyLlama’s turn-key customizable solution meets the needs of supervisors and non-supervisors.

Boost Employee Awareness

The #MeToo movement has shed a vast light on different aspects involving workplace harassment. It has created an important awareness and increased employee willingness to speak up and report sexual harassment. The action of bystander intervention is gaining traction among corporate leaders, human resource (HR) professionals and other managerial workplace experts.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is everyone's problem. If you saw a man or a woman being harassed what would you do? What if it was you being harassed? Break the sexual and discriminatory harassment chain and become an active bystander through workplace training.

Quality Bystander intervention Training

Bystander intervention training is vital to the role of managers and supervisors. Quality training helps give employees the knowledge and tools needed to remain responsible employees. Managers learn how to develop and conduct policies that provide clear expectations for behavior and information on what disciplinary actions will be taken for violating them.

Research studies have proven that when nothing happens after an employee complains about harassment, it creates poor health issues, depression, and lack of work commitment for employees. In time, a workplace climate becomes toxic and work quality begins to degrade. However, skilled intervention can support and help the employee that has been impacted.

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