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Customizations For All Your Organizational Needs
Personalize your employees' training experience with EasyLlama's customizable platform. Access industry-specific videos, set up unique training frequencies for each employee, update their dashboard with your brand colors and logo, and even record your own custom video intro from the CEO or HR specialist.


Industry-Specific Content

Nothing isolates learners quicker than content that is not relatable. Employees are offered modules that they can relate to, which increases engagement, attentiveness, and completion ratings.

Engage Employees With Their Choice of 100 Languages

Improve inclusivity by allowing your non-native speaking employees to choose their preferred language on EasyLlama courses. With audio narration and closed captioning available in 100 languages, you'll see increased comprehension and knowledge retention among learners.

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Reporting capabilities

Customize Text and Logo

Your brand should be reflected in the software that supports your business. To make your employees feel at home, upload company logos and graphics to EasyLlama’s training platform.

Custom Training Frequency

Compliance training is typically held once or twice a year depending on employment and location. However, harassment and discrimination do not follow a training schedule and can occur at any moment. EasyLlama allows employers to customize the frequency of training to refine their knowledge throughout the year, contributing to a positive culture that encourages professional and personal growth.

Upload Custom Video Intro

Want the ultimate customization experience for your workplace training? EasyLlama allows clients to upload a custom CEO video at the beginning of your courses, fostering brand loyalty and allowing employees to better connect with the platform.
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Easily Manage Your Workforce With Automations

EasyLlama provides an alternative channel of communication for employees who may need an extra reminder to complete their training in addition to email reminders. An SMS text message with a direct link to their course can be delivered to a mobile phone to remind employees to complete their course.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

We fit seamlessly into your existing workflow by making it easy to integrate with your favorite Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Learning Management System (LMS). No code required.

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Enterprise customizations

Custom Content Creation

Request Advanced Customizations

Struggling to find the exact compliance training course for your organization? EasyLlama will work with you to ensure that the course content is perfect for your employees.

Engaging and interactive course content

No matter the topic, EasyLlama's workplace compliance training provides best-in-class content developed by HR experts. With Hollywood-produced videos and interactive quizzes, employees will stay engaged and alert, better retaining knowledge in the long run.
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