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Tiger Pistol Successfully Manages Multi-State Compliance with Harassment Prevention

Tiger Pistol needed a training solution to meet the diverse legislative requirements for harassment prevention, but that wouldn't significantly burden their operations. EasyLlama’s state- and industry-specific harassment prevention training proved to be an ideal fit.

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    Cleveland, Ohio
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    40+ employees
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Global Markets Served by Tiger Pistol

3 years

Customer since 2020

The challenge

The challenge

With employees spread out across the country, Tiger Pistol faced the challenge of completing workplace training that met the diverse legislative requirements for harassment prevention. Compliance with varying regulations in each region needed to be addressed quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently. “We are a relatively smaller company and still kind of in start-up mode,” explained Kierston Vaughn, SVP of Tiger Pistol Operations. “So our biggest challenge was to get everything in compliance and to meet the local and state requirements for harassment prevention training.”


The Solution

Tiger Pistol found EasyLlama to be an ideal fit for their needs with its simplicity and ease of use. The straightforward interface made it effortless for the Tiger Pistol HR and operations teams to implement and manage workplace training courses for employees nationwide without being overwhelmed. “It's pretty easy for me to stay on top of things, and the dashboard is really easy to use,” explained Vaughn. “It’s red, orange, or green based on whether people have completed their training, so that makes it really simple. It makes my life a lot easier, for sure.”

The Solution

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The Unlimited Plan has been game-changing for us

We wanted to get people into the training and be able to manage things relatively easily. The Unlimited Plan has been game-changing for us, and the integration with Zenefits was a big deal, too. We’re seeing the training make an impact with the education provided. The courses get people talking about them, which is so important. And with the ability to stop and start courses across devices, employees can complete training on their schedule, which has been awesome,

-Kierston Vaughn, SVP of Tiger Pistol Operations


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