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Showpad Sees Large Improvement In Employee Training Completion

Showpad is a global software company that was looking for an integrated solution to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their employee training programs, as well as create a safer and more inclusive workplace culture. They found exactly what they were looking for in EasyLlama’s modern, inclusive, and user-friendly workplace solutions.

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The challenge

The challenge

With inclusion as one of its five main values, it was important to Showpad’s leadership to provide their employees with effective harassment prevention training to create a safer and more inclusive workplace culture. Sarah Donovan, Onboarding & Employee Growth at Showpad, sought out an efficient and engaging workplace training solution that would also fulfill all state and federal legal requirements for their international employees. “We were ultimately looking to create an inclusive environment, a sense of belonging for employees, and to reduce risk.


The Solution

With EasyLlama, Showpad found exactly what they were looking for in a workplace training solution. The company recognizes the importance of equipping employees with the necessary skills to excel in their roles, as well as the knowledge to create and maintain a safe and diverse workplace culture. Every day, they see EasyLlama meeting the needs of their employees. “Everyone's on a different renewal cycle; many people are in different locations,” said Donovan. “With EasyLlama, we certainly saw a large upward trend in our employee completion percentage.”

The Solution

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The Training is So Robust, I Don’t Have to Worry

I think as a global organization from a collaboration perspective, the biggest thing we wanted this to bring our employees was an awareness of the need to foster inclusion. We want people to understand their role and the need for that awareness so we can provide an environment of inclusivity and belonging. And the training itself is so robust, I don't have to worry about compliance with EasyLlama.

-Sarah Donovan, Onboarding & Employee Growth


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