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Shake Shack's Recipe for Success: Restaurant-Specific Harassment Prevention Training

When it came time to upgrade their DIY compliance training, Shake Shack partnered with EasyLlama to access award-winning, diverse, and engaging workplace solutions. With our harassment training, EasyLlama helps them fulfill their mission to stand for something good.

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EasyLlama’s Engaging Courses Keep Employees Learning Across the Country

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EasyLlama’s Engaging Courses Keep Employees Learning Across the Country

The Challenge

Busy restaurant workers, like those at Shake Shack, can have a hard time fitting workplace training into their busy schedules — and that’s not to mention the explosive growth that a household name like Shake Shack has seen over the past 20 years. Before partnering with EasyLlama, Shake Shack was creating most of their compliance training in house, which was time-consuming for HR and didn’t offer much flexibility for their staff members. Legislation regarding harassment prevention training can be difficult to keep up with, particularly for a company like Shake Shack, which operates in 32 states.

The Solution

At EasyLlama, we ensure that every course is fully updated with the latest legislation and best practices. We go beyond just compliance to offer industry-specific courses that meet restaurant employees where they are. “Compared to the training that we had in the past, EasyLlama really feels professional and engaging,” said Lorin Dunphy, VP of People Practices. “When our team members engage with EasyLlama training, they see a diverse mix of actors. It feels like they're in a restaurant setting, and it does not feel overly corporate, which really wouldn't resonate with our learners.”

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EasyLlama Training Is Realistic and Relatable

Some of the feedback that we’ve received is how realistic and relatable the training feels. It's a diverse cast of characters, the scenarios are relatable, and the in-the-moment knowledge checks really help that self-paced learner engage with the tool. We really like the fact that EasyLlama saves our learners’ spots; it knows where they need to pick back up and continue.

-Lorin Dunphy, Vice President of People Practices at Shake Shack

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