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Goodwill Drastically Improves Employee Training Satisfaction Rate

The Goodwill of Western & Northern Connecticut looked into a variety of vendors when it came to harassment prevention training. They ultimately chose EasyLlama because of our superior interactive and engaging courses, which keep employees interested, improving knowledge retention and influencing positive behavior.

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    Charlottesville, VA
  • 1950


  • 1080 Employees

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    1080 Employees
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EasyLlama’s Engaging Courses Keep Employees Learning Across the Country

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EasyLlama’s Engaging Courses Keep Employees Learning Across the Country

The Challenge

“Before EasyLlama, we just had an internal PowerPoint training with a voiceover that technically met the requirements, but it wasn’t engaging enough,” said Patrick Jones, Goodwill Learning and Engagement Manager. PowerPoint or lecture-based courses are not only boring but can also be ineffective. When employees aren’t engaged, they are less likely to alter their behavior or retain valuable information. DIY training solutions also have no automation, creating more work for companies to track the training status of individual employees.

The Solution

Since implementing EasyLlama for their harassment prevention training, Goodwill has seen a substantial increase in satisfaction and training completion rates among their employees. Engaged employees can also create a boost in productivity, improved retention, and, ultimately, a positive impact on organizational objectives. Moreover, Goodwill appreciates the ease of use of EasyLlama’s integrations, particularly with the ADP HRIS. “I would recommend EasyLlama to anyone using ADP because it’s such a simple integration,” said Jones.

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Best sexual harassment training they’ve taken!

We’ve had people say this was the best sexual harassment training they’ve taken. Most new hires will complete the training in its entirety at orientation, but they can also start on our tablet and finish later on their phone, so they can start working the very next day. Harassment prevention training is not only a legal requirement but it’s something we believe in, so we needed to make sure people are properly trained.

-Patrick Jones, Learning and Engagement Manager

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