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GLAAD Dramatically Improves Training Compliance Rate with EasyLlama’s Inclusive Courses

GLAAD is the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization. When it came time for them to seek out a more inclusive training platform — without sacrificing functionality — EasyLlama was able to align with their mission right away, leading to more employee engagement, higher completion rates, and increased compliance.

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The challenge

The challenge

The biggest challenge that GLAAD faced before EasyLlama was making sure that they had all of their compliance data in one place. As an LGBTQ+ organization, it was also important to GLAAD that their training platform highlight all types of people and relationships, furthering their mission to accelerate acceptance. Where other harassment prevention courses focused primarily on cisgender individuals and their relationships, GLAAD was seeking out training that would show people with disabilities, people of color, and relationships of people from all walks of life. “We needed a platform form that reflected our diversity,” said Michael Zamora, Senior Director of People, Talent & Culture.


The Solution

With EasyLlama, GLAAD found everything they were looking for and more. “EasyLlama was very easy to implement, and their real-time tracking has been a godsend to us,” said Zamora. “And then we learned that there were other training modules that we could utilize and they took the stress out of us by figuring out what is needed state to state, and what is needed nationally.” Plus, diversity and inclusion have been part of the EasyLlama values since inception. “The inclusivity of EasyLlama was the largest factor that drew us in. We didn't have to ask for it,” said Zamora. “So it was an easy choice for my team.”

The Solution

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We knew that EasyLlama was the platform for us!

EasyLlama aligned with our mission immediately. Once we implemented it to employees, we got a lot of feedback, ‘Wow, I saw myself in that. I could actually relate to that. That didn't look like a typical 80s recording. It seemed updated and fresh and new.’ And when we saw that, we knew that that was the platform for us. I think the fact that they can see themselves in the training and relate to the training helps them want to complete it faster.

-Michael Zamora, Senior Director of People, Talent & Culture


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