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What if I have employees in different states? Do you have different training for different states?

Many states have passed legislation with specific guidelines and deadlines for sexual harassment prevention training. When you sign up your team, you will choose a state for each employee to ensure they are getting the training required. We also allow you to add different locations/offices and can assign a different training for each of them. If your employee is physically located in a state without current legislation but performs work in a state with regulations in place, choose the state they work in. (Ex: Jon lives in Nevada and works as a technician out of our Las Vegas office. Jon is responsible for the service calls in and around Sacramento, CA. In this example, it would make the most sense to choose CA training for Blake.) EasyLlama offers versions of Harassment Prevention training that are compliant with the mandates in CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, and the regulations for both NY State and NYC.